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Did you enjoy your weekend? Did you relax and enjoy your family and friend time? Did you cook a healthy recipe? If you did, let me know in the comments how it turned out.

Today, being Monday, I’d like to share with you what I will be doing at High Point Market next month and, if you’re not going to High Point Market – but only need good #BoomerSmarts advice for your own bathrooms, stop reading now, and please see my bathroom videos for you that I posted over the weekend on my video channel on The Design Network, here.

However, if you are attending High Point Market or are just still interested in what I will be doing there, please continue reading below. 

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 I am once again honored to be part of the official #HPMkt Stylespotter program that I also participated in this past Spring. This year, the High Point Marketing Authority chose to keep all of us who are StyleSpotters in place for both the Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 markets.

I am delighted to be joining my fellow StyleSpotters in less than a month now and I invite you to meet them all below, further into this post, where we will spot and pin what we find exciting and newsworthy at #HPMkt, the world’s largest wholesale furniture market – attracting 75,000 visitors from all over the world – including editors, designers, retailers and exhibitors- twice a year to High Point, North Carolina, the furniture capital of the world. 

The official hashtag to follow for High Point Market itself  is #HPMkt and another official tag the StyleSpotters will be using is: #HPMKTss and I invite you to follow both of them, if you use social media, too.


This market, I’ll be looking to stylespot products that are #BoomerSmarts to highlight those exhibitors manufacturing what you, my readers and you, my video channel viewers, are interested in seeing and if you’re a #HPMkt exhibitor that has a product that you think will interest my readers and viewers, please email me information about it to: so I can see it before I arrive. Sometimes, I get so busy after I arrive that I can’t make it to every showroom that I’d like to make it to, and this will help me with scheduling. Thank you!

Also, if you have a product that you would like me to review for potential inclusion in my consumer facing onsite directory for #BoomerSmarts products that will go live shortly after I return from High Point Market, please email me to set up a meeting at High Point Market.

After I review it, and if it meets my criteria for being #BoomerSmarts, you will, for a fee, be able to have your product listed in my new onsite directory and I will also share it with the viewers of my video channel on The Design Network, with a link out to where they can buy it on your site, and you will be given the opportunity to license my new #BoomerSmarts seal of approval badge for use in your own marketing materials and on your own websites, too.


I’ll be delivering my 4 hour HSW IDCEC Approved CEU on Monday, between 2-6 pm at the new Hadley Court Center for Design Collaboration at the Bienenstock Furniture Library so my fellow designers who complete it will be able to use my trademarked Certified #BoomerSmarts Expert badge on their own websites to help their potential design clients know they’ve been trained by me. They will also be listed on my own site at as a Certified #BoomerSmarts expert so my site’s visitors can find them, wherever they may be around the country or the world.


Exhibitors, I am excited to see all of your new #BoomerSmarts products and to be able to help my fellow designers, through my IDCEC/NKBA approved HSW CEU, move their own businesses powerfully forward by learning how to help America’s 80 million baby boomers stay in their own homes as long as they would like and to find the products that will help them as they remodel or move to suit their evolving needs. 

Designers: if you would like to sign up for this [ cost 250. ], please click the link below where you can use your credit card and pay with Pay Pal 

Readers, after High Point market, please come back to my site to search for those designers who have taken this CEU and been trained by me so you can be assured they know every detail in how to design your home for #BoomerSmarts living, so you can feel safe and comfortable in it for as long as you would like and to search for those products that have met my criteria for being chic, safe and #BoomerSmarts, like the CARRIE wardrobe, designed by fellow StyleSpotter Gary Inman, from Moore Councill, that I stylespotted at last spring’s High Point Market, pictured here.

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 I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on BOOMERS vs. MILLENNIALS on Sunday, October 19th at noon, being moderated by StyleSpotter emeritus, designer Michelle Jennings – Wiebe, of Studio M Interiors in Tampa, being held in the High Point Market Theatre, as part of High Point Market and ASID’s jointly sponsored *Designer Viewpoints Series* – being sponsored this year by Horchow.

All who attend will receive a 1 hour general CEU credit.

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From ASID’s website:

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Left to right below, myself,  designer Jeanne Choe Chung of Cozy Stylish Chic in Los Angeles,  designer and TV personality Shay Geyer, owner of IBB Fine Furnishings in Dallas,  Nicole Gibbons, of New York City who pens the blog So Haute Style and whose show on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, Home Made Simple is a hit, Meredith Heron of Meredith Heron Design in Toronto, Canada, whose bathroom for the new DXV brand by American Standard was beautiful,  Haskell Harris McKinney, style director of Garden and Gun magazine and writer of the popular blog, Magpie, Gary Inman, an interior and furniture designer with Glaves and Home in Richmond, Virginia [ whose CARRIE wardrobe for Moore Councill I spotted at the Spring Market, here ] and Denise McGaha of Denise McGaha Interiors in Dallas, who just became the brand ambassador for High Point exhibitor, Currey and Company and who wrote a very helpful post on *10 Tips For Conquering High Point Market*, here:

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone finds exciting at High Point Market and I want to thank all of the manufacturers and others who are preparing, these next 3 weeks for our arrival.


As  part of the lead up to StyleSpotting at #HPMkt, I was thrilled to be interviewed by Rue Magazine – an official High Point Market media partner.

Thank you, Rue Magazine! To see 5 Minutes With Mitzi Beach on your site and on your Facebook Page with your 486,00o+  fans was beyond anything I could ever have imagined when I started my journey into social media for my #BoomerSmarts brand. 

I can’t begin to tell you how humbled and grateful I am to you and to the High Point Marketing Authority for making these opportunities available to me.

Thank you #HPMkt!

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Readers, to read the interview, please click this picture below.
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Will you be attending any of my events at High Point Market? I hope so and, if so, please let me know your social media info in the comments so I can meet you and say hello!

Thank you again to all who have made these opportunities available to me and my sincere and deep thanks to you, my clients, students, readers and viewers, who have given me your trust. I appreciate you more than you can know.

Mitzi Beach, ASID, NCIDQ, CAPS

Masters in Interior Design


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