We absolutely fell in love with our stunning living room windows from day one. However, as an interior designer, I also pondered how can I treat these windows to protect against sun fading plus save energy costs? Here’s what I did.

As you can see by the boxes by the stairs, even before unpacking, my designer mind went tilt tilt on how to treat these windows. After months of consternation, this is what I did.

You can also see the shades on the top windows while these same shades are on all the windows. What is the issue? They must be conrolled by hand. Count them, there are 10 shades including the corner set out of view. Life is way too short to deal with raising and lowering 10 shades every day!

Yes, these windows had me in a quandary for months understanding that this would be a huge challenge and here is why:

  1. Remote anything would not be possible due to no electrical outlets where needed. Due to the size of these windows, battery operated shades, draperies, etc. would necessitate 10 separate battery-operated shades. No way!  Battery operated drapery rods were a no go also because of being too heavy and too large for traversing draperies. 
  2. Manual traversing draperies was not the answer due to losing views due to the stack back.
  3. I was very close to simply having panels in the corner to add softness but, what about those corner windows? This was problematic again without losing half the corner windows.
  4. Even though many of our neighbors have shutters or silhouette shades, this was still not an option because they still distort the gorgeous view. And we love our view!
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention, privacy is absolutely not an issue.

To avoid feeling like we were in a cave with windows covered, after researching window filming companies, we chose SUNTROL as our solution. (This is not a sponsored post)

From the Suntrol website, https://www.suntrol.com/sun-protection “Choose Sun Protection film to prevent dreaded fading and heat damage to floors and furnishings. Block up to 99.9% of damaging UV light. Installed in as little as one day.”

Here are the reasons for window film versus window treatments:

  1. Selecting the highest grade of film will give our fabrics, rugs, and interior fade protection by blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays.
  2. Rejects 53% of heat build-up reducing energy costs. 
  3. Selecting the highest grade gives impressive warranty benefits.
  4. It is impossible to wrinkle or tear due to this generation of film. However, if it does, replacement is guaranteed, and it is in writing.
  5. Selecting this highest level of film, we cannot even tell there is a film on our windows and definitely there is not a mirrored reflection on the outside!

Now, this will be our first summer living in NE Ohio. Fortunately, our living room faces east which is a definite advantage of not dealing with the dreadful and unrelenting western exposure. Nevertheless, there may be a need to add additional window treatments so never say never!

If you could experience our views of the constantly changing sky, or a mesmerizing snow falling, or the spectacular fall foliage, or a magnificent new full moon, or the breathtaking sunsets, how would you treat these windows?

Like most of life, homes, and relationships, there is no perfect anything. But for Bob-Bob and myself, this is our solution albeit perhaps not a perfect one. Stay tuned, I promise if I add other treatments, I will show you.

Jake is beyond grateful that he still has his favorite sunny nap spot… 🙂

I hope that this post gives you food for thought on ways to control fading and energy issues for your windows. I have learned that window film has come a very long way as a real contender for these wonderful large windows that so often are definitely a challenge.

My re-blooming Orchids and Christmas Poinsettia love this natural lighting.

Let me know your thoughts on solutions that have worked for you. There are as many options as there are unique homes and windows.

Stay well my friends and be well too!

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Diana S Walker

    In Houston homes it’s almost a no brainer as every home has lots of windows and even with expensive windows we have light issues.
    Lucky us! I did th

    • Mitzi

      I hear you Diana! We all love the natural light but also must deal with other variables as well. You know how to conquer this challenge as well as make it beautiful in your smart designing. thank you for commenting!

    • Mitzi

      thank you Christina! We are like kids are Christmas this first year in our last best nest. xoxo

  2. Janet Lorusso

    I wouldn’t cover that view either! The only shades I ever close are the ones in my bathroom – I always feel claustrophobic in rooms with the shades drawn! I’ve been researching window film for a current beach house project, so this is a great testimonial for a product to look into! Thank you!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Janet! And for sure I am totally with you on not covering windows for the exact same reasons….feeling closed in really bothers my sense of well being. I wish you well on your beach house project but with your high level of knowledge and design, these are very fortunate clients!

  3. Linda Merrill

    What a bright and cheery room Mitzi! No wonder you didn’t want to close it in.

    • Mitzi

      inda you described exactly why I could not consider closing out this wonderful view. I appreciate your affirming comment! I actually expected to have opposing comments which would be fine but so far….

  4. Carla Aston

    Nice Mitzi! Window film is a great option! Hard to do anything to cover that view!

    • Mitzi

      You know it Carla! And also, at this stage of life, we have determined to use our rooms and furnishings for our enjoyment and others too. So if fading does occur, what the heck. After all, most of our grown kids will not want our “stuff” any way!

  5. Robin Maria Pedrero

    Absolutely gorgeous!I pinned these, just such beautiful spaces

    • Mitzi

      Oh Robin thank you so much! Your comment makes me appreciate our last best nest even more!

  6. Leslie Carothers

    You really have such a beautiful view, Mitzi, and it sounds like you found the perfect solution in this product. I love how relaxed Jake looks, basking in that beautiful morning sunlight!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you super smart Leslie who is in the know on all things , but especially the latest in our design world. I really struggled with this decision relying on the window film reviews and others who have experiences with this option. What I conclued is that this is our first line of defense so to speak, on fading and energy costs. Then if this film is not suffient for heat controlling, then other window treatments will be considere as a layering effect only and not to do it all.
      And yes, Jake is very happy!

  7. Mary Ann Benoit

    What a perfect solution! And Jake likes it too!

    • Mitzi

      I am glad you also agree Mary Ann with all your experiences with your clients. You know how our pets are part of our families so our buddy Jake is happy!
      thank you for commenting!

  8. Lisa Peck

    No reason to cover the beautiful views! Films can be effective in many ways and are a solution not everyone considers.

    • Mitzi

      You are right Lisa, as this is not heard of as often as what is normally done for window treatments. I am all for layering with fabric or shades or shutters when applicable, but this was just not the case here. Being a major lover of fabric, I was actually bummed not to be able to at least add stationary panels. Like I said, never say never!

  9. Sheri Bruneau

    Mitzi, I think your solution is just wonderful. I agree about not covering up that lovely view, as well as getting that wonderful natural light. Not having to worry about privacy is a bonus!

    • mitzi beach

      Thank you Sheri! I see so many homes all shut in with their window coverings and I think, for me this would be like living in a cave. The older I get, the more natural light I crave.

  10. Suzi Rugg

    Why cover that view indeed! Beautiful inspiration, thank you!

    • mitzi beach

      Thank you Suzi! We are still loving our last besgt nest after living here 8 months now enjoying the daily changes.

    • mitzi beach

      Thank you so much Christina! I have been a blue and white lover for decades now with no desire to change. I love that you love it too.

  11. Andrea

    Oh my, I just cant wait to visit and experience the peaceful feeling of serenity this space provides! Your view is spectacular, and how awesome that your patience and research turned up this product that seems tailor made for this situation. Great post, and thanks for sharing!

    • Mitzi

      And I cannot wait until you are here to not only experience our porch but our life in Ohio, Andrea! Thank you so much for your sincere and relevant comments!! xoxo