Who are these kids and what were they thinking?

“This is us” in 2004 as we embarked on our exciting but tediously difficult journey of restoring an extremely run down home that we named Cypress.  Oh my, what were we thinking since we had absolutely no idea what was ahead of us!

If I wasn’t already a little tilt, tilt with this huge remodel of of life time,  in 2007 I  started  my first website, Lifesizing®. This actually is still a valid trademark today. Not to be slowing down at this life stage as most of my friends were, I took another a huge step in  2010.  My  blog was literally birthed after attending the first Design Bloggers conference in LA. And again, what was I thinking creating a blog as I had absolutely no idea what was ahead!

I am certain that you are asking the question, so what does this have to do this anything, Mitzi?”

See if this image sheds any light to my purpose for this walk down memory lane.

This is my photo from my first website in 2007

The mission statement from over 12 years ago reads:

LIFESIZING® is EMPOWERMENT on how to unleash  the power of WELLNESS in living by choice.

LIFESIZING® EQUIPS otheres to experience enjoyable, comfortable, satisfying, and successful aging thru designing, consulting, and speaking.

LIFESIZING® PROMOTES awareness of the planning and preparing necessary for aging well in our attitudes, lifestyles, and our spaces.

The main message is simple but profound;  LIVE BY CHOICE versus living by CHANCE !

Fast forward a few years when we dropped the LIFESIZING® because NO ONE  was into this philosophy way back then looking at me like I had 3 heads. What are you talking about Mitzi Beach, LIFESIZING?”

Therefore, we evolved to using my signature as my brand using the tag, LIVE YOUR WISDOM.



Then what did I do? Well, I just had to write a book. Enter the  creation of BoomerSmarts® for the millions and I do mean millions of those starting to realize most of what they’re doing or where they are living most definitely would need an upgrade. In or to achieve to live the life they always strived for and truly deserved, living by CHOICE versus  living by CHANCE . LIVE YOUR WISDOM says it all. This is exactly why I wrote my book on the 6 steps to fasciltate reaching  these exact goals hopefully to encourage, movtivate, and equip my beloved Boomers.

So back to the question of what does all of this history have to do with anything?

It has to do with literally everything that I am doing and will continue doing sharing what I have learned or exerienced over these past years. Additionally, the answer also is  I am currently full circle back again to my philosophy and principles of Lifesizing® to now using Wellness by Design. Don’t be surprised if you see Lifeszing® popping up here and there since as you just read, it is still my main focus, passion, and message.


Curently, my life of today is certainly not what I ever anticipated! I am very blessed to still have clients wanting my design services. I especially value my repeat clients whom I treasure and am grateful to continue in their lives and in their homes.

Another facet of my life is social media. Many of you realize that social media takes a lot of time. Anyone involved in this endeavor shouts a huge for sure it does! My learning curve stepping into this world much older than the majority is a major challenge for me. However, I surmised that how else could I get my focus, my passion, and my message out there? 

Full circle again will be many future posts that will reveal all the various design elements and products calcualted to promote our life in building and designing our home, Cypress. In depth discussions will occur on why we need our homes to do and be more for all of us at any age or stage is definitely a major passion of mine.

And also, in addition to all previously mentioned is my travel to family, my very top priority. And, there’s more. I am thrilled to say our Cypress home will be featured along with designers across America in a beautiful Christmas book. More details coming soon on this early fall release.

At this same timing, our home Cypress, will be on our Wichita Symphony home tour. This will be the third “official” tour of our home along with many others events that we gladly opened our home for others to enjoy. 

All of this journey over these many years reflects my heartfelt passions.  This passion is for you all to live the very best life you can by the CHOICES that you are making TODAY in your home and health. And it truly is a matter of CHOICE versus merely living by CHANCE.   If any of you know anything about me you know I believe that there is always something that we can do to make our present and future life not only good, but be better in order to enjoy and experience the best life ahead. 

But wait, don’t we all want to have some fun and adventure and not just live a life governed by rules of do this or don’t do that. Of course we want fun and adventures! If we can’t have some fun, we become not only so bored, we turn off any and all advice eventually going back to our before routines.

So while you are contemplating joinng our journey of WELLNESS in HOME AND LIFE, remember this well known fact. 

Without our health, we have nothing. 

I  truly hope that you choose to live by CHOICE in following along with my posts to glean tons of insights on truly living in WELLNESS by DESIGN. Come on and join us by signing up at www.mitzibeachdesign.com to have some unexpected fun and adventure together sharing our latest and greatest ideas making our next years our best years.