What do gardening, cooking, travel and speaking have in common?

I love gardening and cooking in my life as much as I love my life as an interior designer. So after returning from a very challenging travel experience, nothing replenishes my soul as enveloping my boomer brain in getting outside and bringing life back to our special outdoor sanctuary spaces. 


To see my recent videos on the screened-in porch, click here and click here


I mentioned cooking too, didn’t I? Well, again, after traveling, my physical boomer self needs extra special attention to literally refuel and restore, so today, I am also creating a really fun dish from what I scrounged in my kitchen. (photos later)


Also upon returning home from my over-the-top experience with the amazing  people I met and interacted with at Norwalk Furniture, having these creative outlets allows me the coveted time to just replay and recall all the conversations from this very delicious recent experience. Being at Norwalk energized me so much because of the caliber of all I met with both employees and attendees, that it is time to be BoomerSmart and take my own advice and chill.


Speaking on “Boomers Are Big Business” to Norwalk Furniture


The progression of our backyard area has taken much longer than we anticipated due to unexpected life happenings. I am sure many of you relate to delays in your own plans. But we are making progress as the photos after my video will show the major work being completed. The plantings are the easy part! Having the hardscapes done is a huge big deal.


Now on to our video. My life rule is that I am a big believer in using experts to help me out with things that I may not know a lot about. That’s why I enlisted the expertise of landscape architect Leslie Elving to plan and design our backyard at Cypress.


One of the things I am most excited about is the herb garden, and Leslie gives a couple of great BoomerSmarts tips on how to make gardening more comfortable and ergonomical for us Boomers … or really anyone who wants to avoid back pain. Learn about these tips and more in the today’s vlog!



We are excited about how our unfinished outdoor areas are progressing. Yes, we have modified our original plans but isn’t that what wisdom does as circumstances change?





Stay tuned as I will be posting how stunning this area will look very soon. Also to come is our fire pit that Bob-bob built. You won’t want to miss this video!


Thank you for being the followers that follow our Boomer stories. We so appreciate you all and of course your comments make our day!


Happy gardening everyone !


Living and loving life together,





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