Have You Given up?


 Have you had a dream that you dreamed of accomplishing? Whether is is your goal of losing weight, starting another career, or just finally getting your life and house in order, do not give upon your dream, EVER! 

Here you are, beginning a new year.  But where are you with whatever dream you have now or have had in your past? Many of you have given up on your dreams after too many failures, too many naysayers sabatoging your goal or dream, feeling too old thinking it is just too late for you. Know what really is the worst enemy? Believing these lies!

Grab a cup of coffee or “beverage of choice” to read my story to achiving my seemingly impossible dream.


Trying to look ever so sophisticated, I wore my very chic and stylish taupe wool long coat remembering that San Franciscans wore only black and basics, never bright colors. I had already made that embarrassing tourist mistake traveling to San Fransisco being recently married, packing only whites and bright pastels. After all, it was summer in California, right? Not only was I freezing due to a bone chilling cold, I stuck out like a sore thumb like  I had tourist written all over me. 

Therefore, not to come close to another humiliating experience, I dressed the part and did a terrific job of fitting in or so I naively surmised. Then the architect instructor started giving instructions to the over 50 students in this class where again, I sat wide eyed and intimidated. And mind you, the class hadn’t even started yet! 

I really cannot recall when this unrelenting desire began an almost tangible reality in my life, but I just knew this goal ultimately had to become my reality. After moving to Wichita, Kansas and after my years of working for 3 different design businesses, I believed that in order to legitimize myself as a true professional, I needed to pursue a professional status through becoming A.S.I.D.(American Society of Interior Designers) certified.

I soon discovered that even though at that timing in the early 90’s, living in Wichita, Kansas, with one university and two smaller colleges, there were no classes to help me accomplish my dreams and goals. As I continued to pursue my quest, since would you believe I had a BS in Home economics education, I was offered numerous times a teaching position. This is was flattering but frustrating as you can imagine.

Next, I courageously contacted ASID and after many, many phone calls plus a ton of hours seeking contacts, I finally had my application to apply for an ASID Allied standing which in itself is no small accomplishment. Why? Because it required a higher education degree, a minimum of 2 years of design experience, and 3 verified professional references. Holy cow already!

But the coolest part of all of this was receiving my first “official” ASID monthly magazine when low and behold, there it was! Information on their national convention in San Fransisco where a day long class was offered to study for the national qualifying exam (NCIDQ) to become my coveted goal to be professional interior designer. I could just see it on my business cards, Mitzi Beach A.S.I.D.

Now at this timing, I am a 43 year old working wife and mother of 3 so time and money were at a premium. I did, however, manage to travel to San Francisco alone, scared, and already intimidated by what I perceived as real designers and real architects. I thought for sure they were way better than me because no one smiled or did chit chat perhaps they thought it lowered their professional dignity. Another sure sign was everyone had these very large portfolio bags, mostly in expensive looking leather that held architectural rulers, vellum, drafting triangles & pencils etc. Like a kindergartener going to school, I had received my list of supplies proudly contained in my Office Max bag. With having no professional mentor or advising, I showed again how woefully incompetent I really was if I couldn’t even do supplies with any class!

Since the instructor assumed we all had basic knowledge of drafting, programming, building codes, and space planning, he began from that level. I remember to this day how humiliated I felt believing that surely everyone was looking at me woefully fumbling through the assigned design project. 

I lasted all morning but left midway in to the afternoon session demoralized, discouraged, and definitely feeling and believing that no one could be more stupid than I was to dream this goal.

“The rest of the story” as the late revered Paul Harvey said will be in my next blog post on my continuing saga of pursuing my dream goal of becoming a professional certified ASID designer.

But what about you and your goals or dreams?

But the message to all you dear followers is my deep desire that no matter how impossible your dreams appear, I believe with all my heart that rewards indeed come to those with the tenacity and courage to never, ever give up. This is my New Year’s wish for you as hopefully, you are at this moment, planning your 2020 with confident gusto to go full steam ahead believing in yourself that all things are possible to those who believe.

Cheering you on, Mitzi Beach, ASID certified NCIDQ and CAPS

Living and Loving life together,

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  1. Barbara Hemphill

    Great story — can’t wait to hear the rest!

    Wishing you all the best for 2019!

    • Mitzi

      My dear Barbara, I am so sorry to be so negligent in responding to you becasue I know that you are as busy as I am. I have been writing a ton for a book deadline which you know what that means.
      I read all your posts always knowing that you all full of immense wisdom that gives meaning to tons of us in our journeys.Thank you for commenting!

      • Mary V

        Looking forward to Part 2, Mitzi!…even though I know you conquered this goal! Stories of inspiration are always a great source of encouragement ??

        • mitzi beach

          Thank you Mary for your comment.And I am exactly like you hearing how others have persevered throughout their journey to not be defeated. It is never easy but it is the only way to achieve one’s goal or even one’s destiny.

  2. Lisa Peck

    Mitzi~Thanks for always sharing this message. I remember when we met, this was the message I took away from talking with you. Since I started my fabric line and have pursued other dreams as well. You are out there really making things happen not just for yourself but by inspiring others you are making things happen all over the world!

  3. Linda Merrill

    Insecurities are probably the biggest reason for giving up. Thanks for sharing your story – always motivating to hear what others have been through!

    • mitzi beach

      Exactly Linda! And I can speak from many experiences on my own insecurities that almost kept me from believing that my dream could be achieved.
      But now i realize, what do I have to lose by going for it if I can keep my ROI my reality. You’d be perhaps surprised to know what I am contemplating at almost 74!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit

    Thanks for sharing and saying what many people think about themselves. My goal this new year is to continue doing all the positive goals I set for myself and when I fall off that wagon, just continue to get back on it and keep going!

  5. Janet Lorusso

    Always inspiring, Mitzi! Thanks for sharing your story!

    • mitzi beach

      Thanks Janet! i love it when I can encourage anyone with any goal to to just go for it because at the end of the day, isn’t regret our biggest sorrow?

  6. Maria DeGange

    Very inspirational!Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. Amy Wax

    Oh my gosh Mitzi, I know what it feels like to set a goal so high that it seems like it will never happen! Many (many!) years ago I decided I wanted to do ONLY color which I believe is the backbone of design. I had done interior design work for a while and decided I wanted to go a different route. I did not know a single person that pulled it off, but I was determined to make it happen. You can see how that worked out. I love that you wrote to inspire people to reach their goals, well done my friend!

  8. Sheri Bruneau

    What a great story. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  9. Shelley Webb

    I just finished reading Marie Forleo’s new book “Everything is Figureoutable”. I can’t wait to read how you figured it out!

  10. Lisa

    Thanks for the encouragement, Misty!! It’s easy to stay comfortable and not pursue dreams because of fears…lots of fears. Ok…ready for “the rest of the story!”