Wellborn Pet Paradise at KBIS

How cute is this doggie shower? This year at KBIS Las Vegas, Wellborn Cabinets had an adorable display of their featured products as well as this cute doggie to demonstrate this doggie shower! (I almost thought he was real!)

Wellborn featured different ways you can use their cabinets to accommodate you and your pets needs! According to American Pet Products, Americans are spending an estimated $72.13 billion a year on their pets. It is no surprise that we are seeing pet stations being incorporated into our laundry and mud rooms!

Pets affect our Wellness in more ways than we know. They keep us on a schedule, we have to take care of them no matter what our day is like! This helps us get out of ourselves. Of course most pets require exercise as well. Taking our dogs for walks not only helps them, but helps us too! Getting exercise and fresh air is beneficial to help us reduce stress and improve our health.

National Center For Health Research states “Companion animals may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations.” And that is just by being in their presence! Pets are also emotionally a huge asset in that their love is always unconditional. To have someone there when you come home rather than to come into an empty house you have a pet there to greet you.

Pets are proven to prevent loneliness and depression with their companionship.

These beautiful and durable epoxy counters look like marble. These countertops open up and function as storage, and here they are displaying pet grooming supplies! You can have your own grooming station in your home!

Wellborn is introducing function and organization in cabinets to make our lifestyles more comprehensible as you can see with this wash room/ doggie paradise.

These organizational drawers are both stylish and functional to help store all of your doggie treats and supplies Marie Kondo style!

Wellborn is also bringing in warming of all colors like oyster white which is a warmer white. Neutral colors still reign but they are still using pops of color for personalized design as you can see with this beautiful teal wall color in this wash room. Now 70% of their cabinets are paint finish vs stain. They are as always offering personalization so you can custom your cabinets to your needs!

How clever is tucked away drawer for food and water dishes?

This hidden away storage for food bins reduces the appearance of clutter in the room and also provides awesome functionality!

As you can see, Wellborn has many fun and creative ways to customize your own mud room/ pet station. With their beautiful design and functionality they are bringing in a lot of function to the cabinet industry that will have a great attraction for the many pet lovers.

And you think pet lovers aren’t all about fitting their beloved pets and not downsizing? Check this out. This Archie&Oscar Ace ecoFLEX Murphy Pillow Dog Bed is great for pet owners who are downsizing. It provides a cozy place for your furry friend and looks chic when tucked away.

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