How do our closets affect our wellness? 

Yes, even downsizing our closets matters. Why? Because since WELLNESS is a top priority in Aging Gracefull; this post explains the negative effects of disorganized closets. Please read on


Here’s 3 reasons downsizing closets does matter.

After taking out the wire racks, this was my world until Bob and I designed my new closet
BobBob the former Cypress builder, measuring for the new units

1. Unconscious stress

Caused by cluttered closets

Visual confusion

Disorganization of what works and what doesn’t the no,no, maybe routine before an item of clothing works for you

Bob is installing these closet units from Lowes


2. Triggers regrets

Hanging on to clothing from a former lifestyle or time

Lifestyle changes require changes in our clothing

Calulate what you are really needing routinely and make your lists to avoid buying mistakes.

3. Produces shame or guilt

Constant reminders of weight gain of all that no longer fits you,

Or of  job loss or new stage of life that is way different

Feelings of guilt from constant procrastination on why can’t I get this done??

Super short video of finished installed closet units


The positive rewards of downsizing even our closets

1. Renewed positive outlook of I did it!

Take note of the drawers on 2 sides that make my world so much easier


2. Acceptance of a new reality happens.

Okay so this is my new life whether my size, my lifestyle, or my space available

3. Now you know what you actually need and what to let go of

Yep, even after closet completed, changing out seasonal clothing and etc., more downsizing had to happen



Take out off season or dressier items to another closet or put in bins

Remember, my book quote, “stuff fills up space available so it is actually

cheating to merely delay downsizing to move to another closet.

I would like to encourage you all to use this this extremely unusual timing with the virus to stay positive and stay productive. This WILL NOT LAST FOREVER and when it ends, look at where you will be…..ahead of the game!

Living and Loving Life Together,

Mitzi Beach DesignSmarts Front Cover

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  1. Leslie Carothers

    This is such a timely post for me, Mitzi. I definitely need to downsize my closet. I’ve been working on it slowly but surely, but there’s a lot more to do. Thanks for the encouragement!

    • Mitzi

      You are very welcome Leslie and you are just like most women in this pursuit of our closets working for the way we live and for those clothes that work for us instead of merely taking up space year after year. Like all else you this will be a success.

  2. Carol Straub

    Enjoyed the session. I too no longer need my professional clothes. I have my closet organized, have had my design for all closets done by daughter in law, Amy Straub, who is a designer in NJ. I am awaiting the end of the pandemic to have the installations. After seeing yours, I can’t wait!!
    I store off season in large tubs, using cedar wood blocks for woolens. Dressy shoes and clothing are in another closet, but it took me almost 3 years to figure out what works! This video would really have helped me!!! Such good advice, Mitzi! Now to part w work clothes- UGH’! Thank you so much!!!

    • Mitzi

      Oh my dear Carol, you did it regardless of the time it took. I beleive the majority of women sadly never really do achieve this goal for many of the reasons in my post. It is difficult to let go, especially like you and I who loved our careers. How exciting to be looking forward to your newly designed closet by your talented DIL Amy.

  3. Janet Lorusso

    This is SO true, Mitzi! Possessions will expand to fill available space and then some! It is SUCH a relief to have a closet with only things I love and feel good in (still a work in progress, but well underway). My closet cleanout was necessitated by a massive weight loss over the last year, but boy is it nice to have all that space and an organized layout in there. Organization is so cathartic! 🙂 Happy Christmas to you and Bob Bob!

    • Mitzi

      Well first off Janet, good for you on your major weight loss! So you really had to do some serious evaluating and of course shedding what did not work which I imagine was a lot. You are just like me with organization being so cathartic with now I need to get at many of my other areas to achieve that wonderful feeling.
      And BTW, how did you manage your weight loss being the remarkable cook that you so are?

  4. Carla Bast

    Love your video, and it’s so true! This has been on my to-do list for sometime, so thank you for the inspiration!

    • Mitzi

      You are so welcome Carla! I have had mine on my to do list also until I finally just had had enough! …:)

  5. Karen Carter

    Hi Mitzi,
    Really enjoyed your blog on, Downsizing your Closet. Yes, I do relocate my summer & winter clothes into a separate room/closet.
    However, I just keep rotating my favorites back and forth. I am going to try to eliminate some of my favorites that I never wear, not sure why I keep them. I intend on wearing them, but them it doesn’t happen. I will let you know how I do….maybe it will allow me some space for some new updated clothes. Ha!

    • Mitzi

      I hear you Karen! Most women are just like you in rotating clothes seasonally but not eliminating very much. Ths is our constant challenge letting go of what doesn’t work. Benefit is adding new things as you may do…:)