3 Types of Lighting Every Kitchen Needs

Think you can have too much lighting in the kitchen? Think again! The kitchen is one of the most important rooms for lighting. So when you’re allocating lighting expenditures, be sure to allocate additional funds for this room rather than equally disbursing the budget throughout the whole house. It can make a big difference! Most projects are compromised by not enough lighting or incorrect lighting.

So, what IS the right lighting for the kitchen? Keep these three types of lighting in mind when you’re planning your next kitchen remodel or designing a brand new kitchen:

1. General lighting: Your overhead ceiling lighting.

2. Task lighting: Lighting over the sink, stove, bar, and most importantly, under the cabinet that shines down on the counter.

3. Ambient lighting: Lighting over an island or lighting that can be dimmed. Wait until you see how I interspaced lights that make the island practical and stunning.


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