The 3 R’s to Reset Life


This peaceful, uncomplicated (and not overly done with Christmas decorations) living room at our house represents the essence of this blog…especially now with 2014 looming full speed ahead!

My 3 Rs for Resetting My Life Are:

So first off for me personally is: REFRESH.

I am in a major need of refreshing myself physically, emotionally and mentally after a huge but awesome year. During the next months, I will be sharing with you what and how exactly I will be doing this personal REFRESHING. But, I can tell and ask you upfront that I need you to hold me accountable that I am not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk!

I need to also REORDER my days. Oh my, where do I start with this one? I have shared in my recently released book now on Amazon, Boomer Smarts Boomer Power that I get up very early around 5:30ish and have my devotional time. That is non-negotiable on ordering my days. But, I often get hooked by looking at Facebook, emails, etc. and before I know it, I’ve lost some of my most productive mover and shaker move mountains time….ugh! Then not only have I lost my best working time but now I’m doing a guilt trip on myself as well. This for sure has to be a REORDER of my timing and more REORDERING that I do will also be shared with you.

REPLACE the busy with the meaningful. I have pruned a ton of busy stuff out of my life and yet, as most of you probably experience, there is always more pruning to do of our schedules that is not in keeping with what our true priorities are in our busy lives. My family and my friends are often behind my actual behavior of time with them. I say actually behavior because my good intentions are totally meaningless! It is my REPLACING even substantiated busy work with meaningful and quality and purposeful living that will enhance not only my life but the lives of those I love and care so much about.

So to RESET my life to be peaceful, uncomplicated, and not overly done with the meaningless busy stuff of life, is how I will do my best to REFRESH, REORDER, AND REPLACE in order that I may LIVE MY WISDOM. (hint, only some of you will know what and where LIVE YOUR WISDOM comes from)

Come on 2014…can’t wait to see this year unfold!