Take Me Away with Mr. Steam

Some of us remember that wonderful commercial years ago for Calgon bath salts, that translated to “get me out of here, and take me away”! Well, certainly in our hyped up, stressed out world we live in today, nothing could be more appreciated than the thought of escaping our worlds for a moment to de-stress.

One of our Design Hound sponsors at KBIS Las Vegas were made for this stressful time we’re living in–Mr. Steam. This is one of those wellness products that can help relieve some of that stress that medical research says is a negative thing in our lives.

The health benefits of steaming are numerous from cardiovascular health to having healthier and more hydrated skin. Steaming also relaxes your muscles and joints and eases pain. Steam rooms can decrease blood pressure, increase circulation, and even boost your immune system!

It may be easy to see why I would love a steam room of my own so much! Someday I will have my own Mr. Steam steam shower. Mr. Steam takes your average shower and can turn it into your very own steam room. Talk about relaxation!

Thank you Mr. Steam for being a Design Hounds sponsor this year at KBIS! You can check out their instagram page here for more fun tips on steaming.

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Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Gary Inman

    I go to my local JCC to enjoy the steam room and find it extremely relaxing. It truly melts away stress! I will check out this product line. You are a true design influencer Mitzi Beach.

    • Mitzi

      Well Gary, as you can see, you are not the only one that is way behind! But nevertheless I so appreciate your affirmation on how steam is our friend for so many reasons with one as you say, melting away the stress. i have not given up having a Mr Steam shower in our next life nest. xo