We’re rolling out our new, smart look and options!

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We teased last week that we were getting ready to roll out some exciting new initiatives, and I’m thrilled to announce that it’s happening today! Drum roll, please …..

This is how we roll with our updated website:

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out our new and improved website, be sure to note the new URL is BeBoomerSmart.com — a resource for baby boomers who want to live fabulous lives in homes they love. When here, be sure to sign up to join our exciting boomer movement to receive tips and trends!

This is how we roll with a brand new BoomerSmarts workshop series:

I’m thrilled to introduce my exciting new BoomerSmarts workshop series for 50+ women who are seeking to grasp how to convert and channel their experiences and wisdom into a life of greater satisfaction and joy.

Please note this is introductory pricing and a great value! Each workshop has been fine tuned for each topic with relevant and tangible take aways for each attendee. All 3 workshops have been developed from my years of observing women over 50 (and really, all women) pondering their futures and asking, how and what do I do with my years ahead?

What is going to be nothing less than remarkable, is witnessing all the women connecting in meaningful dialogue with each other regarding their individual circumstances and challenges. Concluding the day’s agenda will be a culmination of concrete and or possibilities to pathways of better understanding of what each unique attendee actually wants and needs in life. How often do women spend a day pondering their own future? Sadly, not often, since as women, it is normally all about others needs, to the thwarting of their own needs and desires!

So this is your opportunity to take that day for just you! Come join us or form your own groups. This will be one of the best things you ever do just for yourself … finally!

Check out all the options:

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My first workshop, “Knowing Your 3 P’s to Live the Vibrant and Chic Life After 50” is scheduled for August 9 at our home, and living lab, Cypress. Sign up today!

We have more exciting things rolling out in the future! Be BoomerSmart and join our exciting movement by following my BoomerSmarts Facebook page and like my new BoomerSmarts Instagram page.

Living and loving life together,