Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Is any fall pretty? Well of course not, you all are thinking! And yet in my interior designer’s eyes, I see so many bathrooms that are indeed the perfect recipe for a fall. Even in new remodels and new construction I still am constantly observing major risk potentials.

But what really frosts my designer cake is when it is for the Boomer or 50+ demographic. Seriously?  

And a big–I mean really big deal–about falling in one’s bathroom is that these can be the worst of all falls, due to the fact that bathrooms have mostly hard surfaces. OUCH! In just the blink of an eye one’s life can change in a direction that is so not pretty!

This bathroom in my home was designed with both safety and looks in mind!

So why then are we so often only obsessing on the pretty and not the safe?  My interior designer philosophy is that pretty and safe can coexist very nicely in any bathroom.

This bathroom I designed for my boomers clients has a floating tub. However, notice the handrail for getting out of the wet tub, with wet body, on wet floor? (The placement of the metal chest is only for staging).

Which brings me to my recent trip to Salem, Ohio. For many, many reasons I was thrilled to participate in American Standard’s campaign to launch new and improved Stan-Sure tub surfaces recently in Salem. (Which, coincidentally, is my hometown!) 

It was so cool to see just where and how these awesome tubs are made!

A note to readers: while American Standard did provide compensation to cover my travel costs, all of my opinions and observations are my own. I am writing this post because I am very excited to see high-level manufacturers take our safety very seriously. Obviously, American Standard has done exactly this through their commitment and financial investments, into a higher level of bathtub safety for all of us.Now to why are these American Standard tubs better and safer than other tubs on the market. Let me count the ways!

The new and improved Stan-Sure Slip-Resistant floor surface provides 56% more textured tub floor surface to help increase bathroom safety. From my designer perspective for ageless bathroom design, this is a huge deal.

These particular tubs are made of Americast® Engineered Steel, which out performs cast iron tubs in numerous ways.

Better heat retention: which not only is more comfortable, but is also more eco-friendly to not keep filling up tub with more hot water.

Noise deadening: with patented 3-layer construction that also delivers beauty, safety, and reliability.

Comfort: Americast tubs are contoured for increased lower back support and improved head and neck comfort.

Durability: Long lasting glass enamel finish is not just paint, but contains 60% glass in the enamel paint finish

So with all of these wonderful features, why would I, as an aging-in-place, ageless design focused designer, not have one of these tubs in my next bathroom remodel?

The answer is that I will have one of these bathtubs because there is nothing as therapeutic and relaxing as a luxurious soak in the tub. However, the most important feature to me is always the SAFETY. But with these tubs, I can have the slip resistant safety Stan-Sure floor and the PRETTY too, along with all the other wonderful features.

Thank you to American Standard for hosting my girlfriends that I’ve known not only from high school, but from grade school. We had a wonderful dinner and evening with the campaign team and editors!

Of course all this information is very BoomerSmarts®. But wait, that’s not all there is to this story. Since I recently announced my new hasthag #sassyandsatisfiedat70, I will be identifying products that fit into our lifestyles of not only the movers and shakers among us, but also to the wise, the value drive, and the smart consumer.

These Americast tubs by American Standard will surely make that list.

Because after all, like Forrest Gump says, pretty is as pretty does!

Living and loving life together, 





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