Moving in R&R with oldest granddaughter from Colorado enjoying a respite from unpacking!

I created the term Lifesizing® almost 20 years ago for the purpose of highlighting how and why at different ages and life stages, all of life needs to be in alignment. Our move out of state is a perfect example of a Lifesizing® relocation move.

Packing up our Wichita home
Our Wichita home porch

In past decades and generations, families and friends were the ones who helped in moving and really, in all of life. Sadly, for most people this is not the case which then requires individuals to pay for all those services that family used to provide.

Enjoying dinner in our Wichita home- only outdoor patio furniture remained when pods left for Ohio!
Jake wondering what is happening to his Wichita home!

Bob and I over our 50 years of marriage have moved from Ohio to the east coast then to the west coast and finally to Wichita, Ks all being corporate paid moves. Now at this Lifesizing® retiring stage of life, the moving costs are on us. Do you realize that a move like ours would range from $30,000 to $40,000? This was definitely not in our financial budget! Therefore, we decided to use Pods for our move. This experience has been a positive one but only because we had family and my friend Andrea’s major help.

Moving Pods in our Wichita home driveway!

Each of our 3 adult “kids” offered traveling to help us from their homes in Colorado and Texas to pack us up and then another trip in Ohio to help us unload.  They worked their tails of but just as valuable to me was their emotional caring and support.

Downsizing is a tough process mentally, physically, and definitely emotionally. I gave away tons of my things. But when I hesitated over an item, Kara would say, “Mom, it’s okay to keep things that are special to you”.  I literally wrote in my book on downsizing our lives and yet, I so needed this sensitivity during a very stressful time.

And no moving company would have done what our family did for us to unload the Pods, arrange furniture, and sort the endless boxes. And my sister, brother in law and nephew live close to our new home. Would you believe they housed and fed all 9 of us for days? That’s an amazing amount of food to buy and prepare alone with sheets, towels, and sleeping set-ups.

So yes, we did a DIY move, but the “we” was this wonderful hard working family. I realize not everyone has a family like ours. I also wrote in my book a great deal about our changing family structure in today’s culture. This is why I rate the chapter on TOGETHERNESS as one of the most critically important ones. We can and need to make our own family support regardless if this support is related to us or not.

Please stay tuned in for next weekend’s post on my top expectations and un-expected happenings with our move. I believe you will truly benefit or even relate to what I will be sharing. 

As always, I thank you all for your following and your support. Please let me know if there are any ways that I can be of help as you all move through your own personal Lifeszing® stages.

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Janice Crabtree

    I love the big windows in your new home that will let the natural light in. I have appreciated what I have learned from your blogs about how important light is especially as we age. Lighting is now the first thing I notice not only in my home but places we visit. I have enjoyed your book and the many jewels in it regarding lifesizing! Looking forward to learning more as you move through your relocation to your new home!

  2. Mitzi

    Thank you Jan for your commenting! But thank you most for highlighting what I believe is the most important element in our spaces, LIGHT! You are my favorite O50 mindset being a life long learner of what is important to move forward in a harmonious path knowing that many miss their best by lack of knowledge. But not you!!
    Much love my friend, Mitzi

  3. Nancy Conover

    Loved reading all about what was going on just blocks from us. Wish I could have been more help during all this. BUT fear I would have just driven you crazy! LOL

    I love the idea of PODS and will keep that in the back of my mind as I contemplate moving down the road.
    Our “Move” went so well and I was so proud of myself for working through it. Hope you like the results as you are the reason my dear friend – peaceful living!


      I love your “move” Nancy and am so proud of you too! It was a lot to handle with all the “moving” parts to coordinate but the end results are so peaceful and beautiful and so downsizied!! I will get back to you soon on your shelves but just know this major move has been major on so many levels!

      My next weekend post will be telling why…:)

      Miss you!