In “My Next Life,” After Cypress, I Want to Have …

“But wait Mitzi, we thought you were staying forever in Cypress,
your aging in place home.”


Well, we did too until life hit us a curve ball. Bob’s cancer journey has changed our perspective big time. The good news is that at of this writing, he is 95% cancer free!


“So why are you guys thinking of moving?”


Okay, time for some heart to heart talks. I designed our home, Cypress, with as much love and care for our future as one could do ten years ago with products available. Included is a dedicated elevator space, zero clearance garage, 36’’ wide doorways, 4’ wide stairway, hard surface flooring, upgraded lighting, not to mention bathrooms for all ages, and on and on. (Check out my YouTube library of videos to see exactly how and why Cypress is truly an aging in place home.)


My LIfe Series-marked


Bob and I had to face some very tough questions as we considered what our future would look like without each other, very tough questions. These questions would be the same for Bob or myself. Our attorney told us the likelihood of us passing together is like being struck by lightening. Therefore, preparing for the future alone, without each other, is relevant for both of us.


Would I stay here at Cypress by myself? 

Would I stay in Wichita? 

What would be my financial status? 

Is our home ready to go on the market without a ton of expense and stress? 

Are our wills up to date including end of life legal documents? 

Do we have our affairs in order? 

Have we downsized enough not to be a burden to the one left or our adult kids? 

Is our paper work organized adequately enough to be taken over?


I know, I know, not easy stuff!


But going through this dissecting of what we would or would not be able to do, has given me a huge sense of peace and relief now knowing and having a plan. Just talking it all through with each other was life changing, literally.


And you know what has come out of all this analysis? We have a new reality for our future. And this is where I pick up on “My Next Life, After Cypress, I Want to Have …”


As the lights go out on this chapter of our lives at Cypress, we do not know the timing of this move, where we will move, or whether it will be a small ranch we upgrade or some sort of patio type home.


Nite shot of Cypress-marked


So, I am very excited to be sharing with you all this post for 2 main reasons.


Reason 1: That you all will go through this analysis yourselves in order to know if you are ready to go it alone or not. If you are already living alone, most of these questions pertain to you as well, which BTW, is why one of my 3 workshops that I am offering is for single women.


Reason 2: To share the exciting and relevant new products and designs that are now popping up like crazy, but John Q public doesn’t know about most of them. Or if they do, how to incorporate them into a “normal” living space.


This is so cool for you and for me, a win-win because I want to explore my own options while at the same time, share with you all! Now you know that I know tons of info on products already. Yes, this is true. However, as this 50+ movement is exploding before our very eyes, new products and designs are happening all over the board.


Big things for big changes happening for the big numbers for the Boomer and Beyond. And we all agree, we absolutely are not doing this aging thing like any other generation. So, here we go, stay tuned for my following post (on July 16) and the first of this series:
My Next Life Kitchen.


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Living and loving life together,