The Natural Light: Bringing Quality Year After Year

Harvey and Joann Hollingsworth are the owners of The Natural Light whom I have known for a very long time and have witnessed their growth due to their years and years of dedicated hard work. They truly now have moved “uptown” at High Point Market to the beautiful and impressive Steel Building with a greater market presence to show off their vast line of art and lamps.

5749 Chase (89016) Ht: 37 inches Shade: 18x19x11" Rnd Drum Sailcloth White

According to Harvey, lamps should tell a story, with color being one big story trending at market. The Natural Light began their business with innovative color options for not only their lamps, but also their lampshades. No one else on the market had been creatively offering such innovative options. But, color being the big trend is no surprise to Harvey as he pointed out to me what is happening in the fashion industry–lots of color!

Love the pop of color in this lamp.

Love the pop of color in this lamp.

Harvey and I both think that color is also an indicator of the temperature or attitude of consumers. When the colors are lighter, fresher, and “happier,” the indication is a positive mindset of the consumer willing to spend again. If, however, the colors become darker and more saturated, the opposite consumer mindset can prevail, such as pulling back and not spending. I have witnessed this over many decades of ups and downs in the industry; design can indeed tell us the pulse of our country’s beliefs.

Another “part of the story” that his lamps tell is the return to transitional design. An example: we’re seeing the staying power of brass, which one can also see on his lamp collections for this market and the year ahead. He also notes that watching trends in the high-end jewelry lines tells what metal finish will also follow in the home accessory and furniture industry.


The biggest main story this market appears to be all about the metal.

The Natural Light metal finishes are done in layered steps, bringing a new dimension to metal finishes that are richer and more interesting. These photos are an example of the fine detail work that this company is known to produce season after season.

4710-8991 (1)


Another big highlight in their fabulous new showroom is the larger space that allows them to show their vast and truly one-of-a-kind original art.  All their artists are shown only with The Natural Light so these beautiful artworks will not be seen anywhere else. They do have prints that are not exclusive, which of course makes them more affordable to more consumers. They try to keep up a current listing online of all their artwork as of course, original artwork is typically here today gone tomorrow! Harvey did say that similar work can be available if a certain look or image is desired.

NA115010 Pointed Autumn 44W x 58H inches

NA115050 Meditation 50-1/2W x 50-1/2H inches

It has been such a pleasure for me to observe Harvey and Joann Hollingsworth’s great success story. Harvey, as he says, is a good ol’ Kansas boy. Living in Kansas now, I love this fact about him. Today, this Kansas boy is a definite leader in our industry, reigning from Florida and giving all of us the best of the best year after year.

From The Natural Light: It is the philosophy of The Natural Light that one cannot improve on nature. Preserving the integrity of nature’s bounty is a tradition by which The Natural Light is best known. The company designs and manufactures portable lighting in wicker, wood, bamboo, hand-thrown pottery and various metals. There is a clear emphasis on original finishing techniques that has carved a unique niche for this family-owned business. For more on The Natural Light, visit their website here:

Living and loving life together,