My Top 3 Vegas KBIS Picks

I want to share with you my top 3 picks from the amazingly exciting introductions for the National Kitchen and Bath show held last week in Vegas. By no means is this complete on my “holy-cow-look-at-that” list, but as far as Boomers go, and what I believe is over the top for them, here are my picks.

Convection/steam ovens Yes, yes, yes the cooking of the future hands down. Why? Because it is fast, healthy, delicious, and can truly save food dollars by eating in more often with the ease and results of this phenomenon of cooking…for all ages really but “us Boomers”, we love our gadgets and the latest greatest stuff whether we will admit it or not.

Kitchen designers are hearing back from their clients who thought their steam/convection ovens would be their “accessory” oven used only on occasion when the reality is they use it as their main oven and form of cooking once they start, they are hooked! This is on my wish list someday…..



Counters equipped to charge our phones & etc

Okay all you Boomers..are you ready for the “finally, no more cords” award?

Sorry for not a better photo image of the actual counter top, but the technology is this: Installed under a counter is a charging element …can be done in a remodel or new construction. Truly had us all so excited at the possibilities!

So this could be eventually installed where ever our Boomer hearts desire…just so cool!


Elmwood Cabinets

Built in TV, laptop & desk pull-out, with a chair, a file cabinet, storage, message center, surface area to actually work…this design was over the top for sure!!

To be able to have this work/TV center in any kitchen would be a Boomer’s dream when it comes to paring down our stuff but not paring down our function and of course, divine design too.

I have done many lovely and functional armoires in my kitchens over the years that housed various elements as listed above but never, ever, have I seen one as slick and functional as this one. We all were just like kids in a candy store over it!

Partly because it is all enclosed in a gorgeous tiled 4 hinged pocket door design that of course in itself is an engineering feat. You have to just see it to believe the beauty and possibility for any of our busy lives.


And please note that there are no paid sponsorships of any of these items to me. This is simply my sharing my top three KBIS products and ideas with you, my fellow Boomers.

Dream big, think possible, and you too could be having these ideas in your future home.

Never say never!