Whether you are a homeowner working with a designer or contractor, or you are a DIYer, a realtor, or even a designer wanting a kitchen design refresher, this course is for any of you!


The design or building professionals definitely understand by experience the myriad of details involved with even the least expensive kitchen upgrades to the full on major custom kitchens.

Therefore, a visually informative course with 5 videos along with essential product info can absolutely make all the difference for a homeowner or professional advisor to enable the most seamless kitchen projects to be a dream come true.

What thwarts kitchen project dreams coming to reality?


I have personally observed In my 30+ years of designing kitchens, lack of knowledge or lack of awareness of kitchen layouts, products, lighting, ergonomics, and of course functional storage are a recipe for: 


 Regardless of the size or budget, included in my first online course is the essential knowledge that can  eliminate the stresses of going into a project uninformed. Additionally,  this course is a true bargain since one mistake in a kitchen project more than pays for my course. 

Please share with anyone considering  updating , remodeling, or doing a new build. Most homeowners do not know what they don’t know until after mistakes or regrets happen. There’s a better way which is always armed with designing knowledge. Be smart and be equipped, empowered, enlightened for a wonderful kitchen project!

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  1. Janet Lorusso

    Congratulations on your new course, Mitzi! This will be invaluable information for anyone embarking on a kitchen new build or remodel! Access to expert advice from someone with years of experience is SO important for a project as expensive and important as a kitchen.

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Janet! I appreciate your expert understanding on how critical every kitchen decision is in relation to how expensive these mistakes caan be. Nothing is saadder than after the fact realizing what could have been.

  2. Lisa A Peck

    Mitzi-This course looks wonderful. Your vast experience and insight will be invaluable to anyone designing a kitchen.

    • Mitzi

      Thx so much Lisa! Knowing what you and I know is involved in a kitchen project, it is hard to imagine anyone going into one uninformed as most DIYers are.

  3. Amie Druehl

    What a fabulous resource! If homeowners will get results like these fabulous kitchens, then it sure to be successful! Congratulations!

    • Mitzi

      Love your comment Amie acknowledging my kitchen designs, thank you!

  4. Sheri Bruneau

    A HUGE congratulations, Mitzi! There is so much information and I know your knowledge will help many!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit

    Wow, your new course looks amazing, and what a great resource for anyone wanting to upgrade their kitchen to be more beautiful and functional!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you so much! As designers we realize what it takes to accomplish a kitchen project. My challenge is informing homeowners of the unrealitic trap Pinterest, HGTV, etc give on kitchen projects. The ones who do their homework will definitely reap the rewards.

    • Mitzi

      Hello my special designer friend, I thank you for your affirming comment!