“Take Me Away” with Mr. Steam

My husband, Bob, is definitely feeling the stress while doing our taxes!

My husband, Bob, is definitely feeling the stress while doing our taxes!

Some of us remember that wonderful commercial years ago for Calgon bath salts, that translated to “get me out of here, and take me away”! Well, certainly in our hyped up, stressed out world we live in today, nothing could be more appreciated than the thought of escaping our worlds for a moment to de-stress.

One of our sponsors at Modenus #BlogTourVegas was made for this stressful time we’re living in–Mr. Steam. This is one of those #BoomerSmarts products that can help relieve some of that stress that medical research says is a negative thing in our lives.


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According to Dr. Carolina Leaf, regular mental and emotional stress sets up patterns in our brains paths that can unleash toxins in our bodies, causing inflammation. Research is now revealing that inflammation is the root cause of many physical break downs, affecting our immune systems and future health.

Martha offered us an AMAZING spa day with Mr. Steam and TALA products.

Martha offered us an AMAZING spa day with Mr. Steam and TALA products. Photo: Chasen West Photography

Taking time to de-stress is not only good for relaxation and feeling more calm, it truly is essential for our health and overall well being. Because of this, I am officially calling Martha Orellana, vice president of sales and marketing for Mr. Steam, a promotor of health and well being by introducing us bloggers to a spa day complete with the most beautiful and effective line of TALA Bath and Body products.

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We experienced first hand the instant benefits of a steam sauna. We also got to experience the great results of applying a TALA mask during the steam sauna, and WOW, what a gift! Even my aging Boomer skin was more glowing. One of the many benefits of steam showers is definitely smoother, less dried out skin. Also, our respiratory systems get the moisture we need, especially for those living most of our days indoors with dry air circulation.

Thank you, Martha and Mr. Steam for educating and pampering us on steam showers, which can nowbe available for our own homes. I, for one, am going to recommend this to my clients for sure. Just think how great a steam shower could feel for tight muscles, stiff neck or body aches due to arthritis.

BIG SIGH. I’m feeling calmer already just remembering our spa day and all of the pure joy and fun I shared with my new Blog Tour friends, the Modenus team, and Martha, who gave us all a new lease on life’s possibilities.




Read more about Mr. Steam and other products here.

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