More Than Puppy Love

For most of us, what steals our HEART more than a puppy? Being that February is about HEART as in Valentines Day, plus being Heart Health Awareness Month, this post is obviously touting the benefits that puppy or pet love has on our HEARTS.  


As Boomer empty nesters, our home, Cypress, felt a huge void that was left by losing our Maltese, Tessie, after 15 years. There was no one to greet us or snuggle with or to walk with. Sadness hovered over us seeing others with their pets.  


Unlike others in our life stage, we knew another pet would definitely be happening to fill up our HEARTS again. Bob and I are now over the top in love with our newest fur baby, Jake. Currently, this miniature labradoodle, almost 5 months old, is packed with boundless energy and unlimited cuteness. We are totally smitten! 



However, besides loving with all our HEART this new little fellow, we are reaping tons of other HEART benefits such as:

  1. JOY: We laugh, smile, play and enjoy our Jake daily. Laughing is good for the HEART. Being joyful reduces the effects of stress on our HEARTS. We all know that stress is a killer. 
  2. EXERCISE: Having a pet encourages walking outside. Tons and tons of health facts reflect the benefit of walking on our HEARTS. Statistically those with dogs walk more, thus have a propensity for a healthier HEART.  
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: Jake has given us hours and hours of entertainment that costs nothing, is calorie free and requires no fighting crowds. Not being on the go constantly enables having stress reducing and relaxing down time. This is absolutely necessary for most Boomer’s HEART health. 
  4. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: So here we get to the HEART of the matter don’t we? All of us experience the ups and downs of life. Often the downs happen in our relationships, business, family, etc. But to receive that constant love and acceptance from our pets, calms our spirits with their endless need and adoration for us. Our pets know when we are upset keeping vigilant closeness ensuring their presence to us with a steady HEART filled love.  


I hear some of you thinking, “no way am I having a pet. We travel too much. A pet is too much trouble.” And zillions of you have cats for those reasons. 


Yes, accepted and understand having a puppy or dog are valid reasons for not having a pet.  


However, for this Boomer couple, we believe the benefits of having a pet so outweigh the arguments. For the four reasons listed in this post, happy our HEARTS are to be in love enjoying our new little puppy, Jake. 



No matter whether you all out there have a pet or not, here is to your HEART health regardless of your means for achieving it. As Nike says, “just do it!” This is not hard, really it isn’t. Have a new mindset of doing something daily or at least often for your HEART. You will definitely benefit and those you love and care about will certainly rejoice that you are caring for yourself. 



Want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in Jake’s world and see what puppy products he recommends? Follow him on Pinterest. And here’s a short little video showing how the little guy has changed our world.



Living and loving life together,





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  1. Beth Siess

    Awe what a sweetheart! You are such great puppy parents!! We love hearing from your post and this hits home with so many of the people we come in contact with. Our pets give us so much of the good we need in our lives.

    • Mitzi

      Hello Beth! We are having so much fun with Jake! He starts puppy training in a couple of weeks which we are excited to see how he masters some basics. He is such a smart little fellow. Glad you liked my take on having a puppy/pet for so many valid reasons. Our home is again filled with smiles and fun activity having our Jake. Thank you for such great breeding and your heartfelt care of your puppies.