Are you making this common kitchen design mistake?

Our last guest blogger in my Next Life Series on kitchens, is the wonderfully talented and humorous designer blogger, Laurel Bern. She is over the top when it comes to using images to support her design philosophy and this post is no exception!


She and I are in total agreement on the undecorated look making it “on trend” for today’s lifestyles. Just look at our window treatments today compared to 5-10 years ago. There’s a huge move toward less is more in all things and our kitchens certainly are no different in today’s designing.



Bobby McAlpine Architect, Susan Ferrier Designer


I consider the undecorated look a kissing cousin to downsizing. My Lifesizing® trademark speaks to all facets of redefining how we define our spaces today according to our individual needs and not to the flavor of the day in designing.



Studio Mrs.


So sit back and enjoy another fabulous post by Laurel Bern. You will be glad you did!


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