Living Forward

What does it mean to live forward? To answer this question, a better starting point is probably to define what it’s like to NOT live forward, especially as that is the mode of operations so many of us have adopted. NOT living forward is the easy way out – the path of least resistance.

If you’ve heard yourself utter the following phrases, it might be time to analyze whether you’re living forward or not.

“All my friends look like I do.”

“Everyone I know is on blood pressure medication and a statin drug at my age. Are you crazy telling me I can get off these drugs by changing my lifestyle?”

“Time is valuable to me. I don’t have enough time with friends and family as it is, so why would I consider volunteering at a food bank or neighborhood school? Let all those do-gooders out there do their thing.”

Even if these words aren’t spoken verbally by most of us, the actions of hundreds of thousands of Americans indicate they’re prevalent in our collective consciousness. The behaviors, habits and attitudes that reflect these thoughts are like a clanging bell ringing loud and clear across our country.

But NOW is the time. THE time to Live Forward.

Just reverse the very common and sadly typical comments above to hear what living forward sounds like!

“Hopefully, I can set an example for my friends by changing the way I look and feel… tired, lethargic and just doing the same ole thing day after day… ENOUGH!”

“I am ready to stop making excuses and get rid of these 30+ pounds. Along with my new diet and exercise lifestyle, it won’t be long before I am off most of my meds.”

“It’s time to accept that even if I just upgrade the lighting in my home, I need to start somewhere! I’ll make a list, get some pricing and just get started on doing something!”

Change has happened to us all. Change IS HAPPENING to us all. Change WILL happen to us all.

What will this change sound like? It is my goal and passion that the sounds echoing across America will be a thunderous roar saying,

“Bring it on! I am ready to LIVE FORWARD!”