Jake has a question for you?

Jake is  challenging you to answer this one question? It connects WELLNESS to our HOMES, hint, hint…And when I ask my clients this same question when beginning their project, more often than not I get a blank look like what are you talking about Mitzi??

The question is where do you land in your OWN HOME to unwind, regroup, restore, or reset, or just plan relax?

And second question is why am I starting my WELLNESS platform with this topic? Read on down through the post for my personal reasons needed right now!

So back to Jake’s first question. You know what I most often hear? ”Oh that’s easy Mitzi, we hang out  in our family room or hearth room.” Sorry, this is so not a what I am talking about or what we all truly need in these crazy super busy times  that we live in today. First off the “we” is a dead give away on being the wrong answer. Plus believing that a home’s public space where everyone comes and goes could possibly qualify shows precisely why most folks do not have this space for themselves. 

To qualify,  there can be no piles of clutter, no work reminders of any kind unless relaxing to you is going through social media to catch up with family and friends or reading blogs or whatevers. Oh, and it is essential to have exceptionally comfortable seating plus good lighting if needed, a table for your drink and etc. Oh, and be free of noise if that bothers you and if possible but for me essential, privacy!

The answer of course is a  SANCTUARY SPACE  or landing space or veg out space as some say. But whatever you call it, the critical test is it a healing space for you? Does it refuel you? Do you experience an aha moment when you land here? Is it a place that you ponder absolutely nothing or do your own thing? If your answer is no my friend, then you do not have one of these spaces. 

And in case you haven’t guessed so far, this is connecting the dots of HOME and WELLNESS as I stated previously that is so desperately needed to combat the very stressed out world we live in today.

So we, Jake and I, are going to share with you some of our sanctuary spaces , healing spaces, unwinding spaces, or landing spaces. Our reasons are to show you that many of what sanctuary spaces we have are not that hard to accomplish. What is hard is making them be and do just that for us, a place to just veg out!

Also be sure to watch an archived video I did years back on sanctuary spaces.The content is so very relevant to exactly what this post covers with additional points you will surely want to know. I must warn you however, that  the videography shows “we’ve come a long way baby”!

And here is the answer to the second question on why this topic?

Well, my biggest current health challenge personally, is controlling my stress. You all may laugh knowing  my current life involvements. I’ll give you that one. Nevertheless,   I have never ever had  any issues with high blood pressure, ever. Unfortuanly, this could be a big isssue if it is  not dealt with and dealt with with vigor! Therefore, I am on a quest to lower mine without starting on the drugs.  Acknowledging that I have allowed the last 2 very stressful years to affect me, is what I am sharing with you all now. I know better than to not take better care of myself. The good news is I can choose to do better. But most importantly, I can change the outcome by controlling my stress triggers and my lifestyle to fighting these stress triggers. Actually utilizing and enjoying the beautiful sanctuary spaces that I am blessed to have at my disposal will be happening for me. 

We know and have heard a zillion times that stress is a killer. But how do we really process this fact into our daily care of controlling our own crazy, out of whack lives that even though sedentary, our mind is still on over drive? Some folks very seldom shut or turn their mind off believing this is “their normal.”

I am currently in a study with my teacher and mentor, Joan Hearne learning more and more about brain theory. This book, Switch on Your Brain, by Dr Caroline Leaf  is one of the most powerful revelations on the actual control we already have hard wired into our brains. Sadly however, the major majority has absolutey no idea that we can indeed control our thoughts that control our  attitudes that control our stress responses. 

Well, for me, when I get in that mind mode of spinning and spinning I have to call it what it is…STRESS. And oh my, there are definitely physical consequences especially “at my age” like showing up in high blood pressure numbers. But not for long!

Along with Dr Caroline Lear, Mary M. Maynard, RN CHTP, of thecenterforhealing.com  also says that for every thought we have, a chemical response is produced in our bodies. YIKES And if that is not enough for us to  get a grip on our stress, the inflamation caused by the releasing of these stress chemicals  is responsible for many  diseases affliciting millions today.. This researched fact that is profound on its implications on the status of our day to day WELLNESS, is the very reason I want you all to be aware and be equipped.

This current post is merely the tip of the iceberg of posts on WELLNESS in our homes.  Jake and I believe we need this information to help us all combate our stress plus deal with  our modern day stresses not seen before in our lives of today. Brain theory is such a hot topic today with more and more valid studies and research defining the role that we each can play in creating and maintaining our own state of WELLNESS

Please, if nothing else I share with you all, grab on to this information! It could truly be life changing for you. I say this from experience. It is absolutely changing my life

“Normally” I walk and do yoga to relieve my stress among other reasons. However, these last 2 years,  I have not made the time for myself or have not taken my own advice on paying attention to Mitzi by allowing other demands to push out time for myself…a big mistake. I lost my own personal battle on fighting stress by excusing other demands as more important than taking care of myself.

So now, in addition to my daily spiritual meditation time, I am committed to making myself a priority by getting at least a monthly massage, making my walks and yoga time happen, and taking time to just be and enjoy my life.

And my really big biggie is to think about what I am thinking about. Only, me, myself, and I can control Mitzi’s thoughts.

There will be a plethora of posts on stress on my site both in our homes and in our lives and the antedotes for correction. But for now, just know,



Mitzi and Jake