Is Your Scale Your Friend or Foe?

This is going to get a whole bunch of criticism, but I am going to tell you any way.

I weigh myself every day. There, I said it.

I know dozens of reasons not to do so, like water weight, obsessing over weight, and so forth. But here is why, when I’m at home [other scales don’t give me an accurate bank statement], I weigh myself daily.

Like my bank account, when I am overdrawn I need to figure out why I am overdrawn and then set out to fix the problem. Even though my tummy rolls have had babies, I need to see why in those numbers on my scales. My weight range is like my bank account. If I am over the limit, it is a red flag saying, “Yo Mitzi, you are over drawn!”

That’s it…end of story. I need the bank statement to know how much I can continue to “spend” or eat that day or week or whatever. You see, I am a foodie loving food! I live to eat, not eat to live.

So when I am overdrawn on my weight scale numbers, here’s what I do. I head out to local markets or grocery store for fruits and vegetables plus the remaining healthy foods for my eating plan to get out of the “red” being overdrawn on my weight’s scale of accounting.

Healthy food is the key here…no high sugar or high fat foods…hidden or obvious.

This is the battle I’m talking about on Aging Gracefully for the 50+  which we all know is the biggest battle of all: the battle of the bulge.

And the big weapon in this battle of the bulge 
is to KNOW what you will eat every day (when not traveling) and to HAVE it on hand!

I can see you rolling your eyes at me. This is something we all can do…really!

Let me see if I can hear your reasons why you can’t or won’t do this:

“But I work!” …So do I.

“But my schedule is crazy” …So is mine

“But it’s only me” or “Just the two of us” …Same with me

“But I travel a lot” …Okay, I will give you that one ‘cuz “me too!” But, when I come home, I check my bank account… ie: my scales, to see if I’m overdrawn (which I normally am, so off I go to get all I just told you about and exercise and get more sleep and take my supplements).

Whew! This battle on aging is a battle, but again and again, we are here to support each other and this is a battle we are going to win!

It honestly and truly comes down to how badly we care about winning this battle or how badly we want to be a victor in this battle. Please, won’t you  at least consider some changes.? You will really be a winner in this battle. You’ll see!

Living and loving life together,