The colors of High Point Market

America has gotten so serious with global conflicts, our own political scene, and also the economic challenges for so many still recovering from the great recession. Therefore, to be embraced with fun and exciting color was truly a delightful and uplifting experience for me as I took part in being one of the sponsored Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market a few weeks ago.

It is said that color is food for the soul. Very few companies feed our soul as well as Company C and Thibaut. What I love about both of these companies is that their roots are in family “start ups” originally working hard as small businesses in America that now have grown to successful companies known and respected by the industry and consumers alike.

Although they are similar, they are also very different in their product niche. Here are a few of my favs that I wish I could take home with me! Enjoy the color feast, perhaps even thinking the “Happy” song playing while viewing these images… 🙂

Company C

I was totally enamored with Christine Chapin, Co-Founder and the creator of Company C. I hope she appreciates me calling her a Boomer colleague. It makes me proud to witness successfull Boomers who most definitely are so keenly aware of today’s trending needs. But regardess of which age demographic,  thousands of her followers appreciate and, most importantly, purchase her wonderful line of products. I just felt like a kid in a candy store visually consuming all these yummy colors. Talk about sensory overload!


And look at these wonderful combos of textures too.



This bedding is like a springtime bouquet!


Most of you know that I am a blue and white lover so of course I just had to share this palette with you.


View their marketing photo above this perfectly scaled chair to appreciate how amazing their palettes work together in real life.



Here we go into the always exciting Thibaut showroom for more lucious and outstanding colors in these gorgeous vinettes. Salivating is allowed if you are a color lover. I did! Most of these fabrics are also Crypton, not all, but most are, meaning bullet proof durability for the life we live today expecting both beauty and function from our furniture.

I especially am crazy about ottomans with Crypton fabric…think not so clean tennis shoes, pizza and wine. Then, you get why this Crypton choice of fabric is a winner for all age groups.


Classic pattern on this lovely white frame is just wonderfully refreshing.



A new twist on a classic frame with iconic fabric will stand the test of time.



Who would believe this is bullet proof Cypton fabric on this classically tailored sofa?


Wouldn’t this punch of color on this perfectly scaled chair add some fun drama to any room?


No fear here, it's Crypton fabric!

No fear here, it’s Crypton fabric on this beautiful white sofa!


This is what I am talking about in candy store delicious colors!



So lovely and even Cryton fabric in these fresh color palettes. This was another show stopper.


Cynthia Rowley’s Collection for Hooker Furniture

Designer Cynthia Rowley knows all about color. Check out her amazing collection with Hooker Furniture. And while you are digesting her genius in design as well as color and finishes please note my obsession, FUNCTION. These pieces could go and literally work any where!


What a total highlight to hear Cynthia explain her vision and inspiration for all she does. This is a woman going places!



We ALL stopped right here. Talk about wow factor.



Here is her wall divider, etagere’, or even a home office back drop, you figure out what to call it. I call it amazing!


Okay, I will admit it right now. I have a desk fetish. And even my friend, Lynne Byrne, thought this one was a winner.


Here is my favorite piece used as a wall divider because she was so brilliant in finishing the back of this unit as well.


Fine Furniture

This Fine showroom took us by surprise on the uniquenesss of product design,  finishes, plus materials that meshed seamlessly resulting in unexpected but beautiful pieces in their collections.


LOVE the combo of fabric textures and color with this beautifully designed chair frame.



How practical for the way we live today yet so not predictable or boring in color and design.


I want this! I am so into multipurpose furniture, and this is it hands down. This could be both writing desk, woman’s vanity, or even an entry table for mail.


We all loved this banquette, why? Well, the design is gorgeous but also scaled so beautifully and is modular. Buy whatever pieces needed for whatever sizes is needed.

Loloi Rugs

To wrap up our color post, here we are in the Loloi showroom. This again was a delightful surprise of fabulous colors in every day products to incorporate into our rooms. And their pricing is such a good value, that this is a line that can indeed be used for changing our rooms seasonly giving  fun and cheerfullness in pillows, rugs or throws.


Very interesting collections of pillows to add a punch to solid fabrics on furniture.


Outdoor rugs are no longer just plain sisal. What patio, porch or deck would not be “kicked up a notch” with the addition with one of these rugs?

So please stay tuned for two more posts that continue to recap my amazing experience as part of the Design Bloggers Tour for this fall’s High Point Market. I am so grateful to Esteem Media with Adam Japko and Ashley Griggs with High Point Authority for the opportunity to be a part of this talented group. I loved meeting everyone involved.