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IMG_1909Good morning friends of Mitzi’s! This is Leslie, writing a High Point Market recap of some of Mitzi’s highlights at High Point Market last week and some of her favorite Style Spots.

Mitzi is getting ready to fly to Houston this morning to be part of the Houston Design Center’s Fall Market event, taking place tomorrow and Wednesday and asked me if I would write this post for her since I accompanied her on many of her adventures at High Point Market.

But first, let me answer the question on everyone’s mind:

Where does Mitzi get her stamina and energy? From being an advocate all her life for wellness in design – whether it’s healthy cooking or healthy living.

Having a great husband like Bob doesn’t hurt, either, who supports all she does and makes sure she takes some down time to simply relax…as she is here, in the picture above, on this great outdoor swing – whose seat is a twin mattress – designed by Carol Gregg of Red Egg, shown with Mitzi and Bob on the front porch of Carol’s High Point Market showroom on W. High Street.

As part of #HPMkt ‘s StyleSpotter program, Mitzi spotted items she thought were on trend and would be useful for her audience: America’s 78 million baby boomers who know her trademarked brand name:


Let’s start with a few of Mitzi’s favorite Style Spots.

First, Mitzi loved Dunes and Duchess’ new bathroom bars.  They add a touch of whimsy and bright, fun color to any bathroom that’s #BoomerSmarts. Pictured with Mitzi is 1/2 of the Dunes and Duchess team: interiors stylist, NE Home magazine editor and product designer, Stacy Kunstel.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.10.06 AM
Mitzi also loved these hexagonal multi-functional small tables, manufactured by John Strauss Furniture, made out of rift cut oak with matte lacquer tops. The tops are available in any Benjamin Moore color. They are hollow inside and light enough to pick up and move around easily, making them very #BoomerSmarts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 6.28.34 AM

On Tuesday at market, Mitzi was on a panel with her fellow Style Spotters where they were asked to share a few of their very favorite *spots.* That was hard for them to do as they had each been given 25 Style Spot cards, but a line that Mitzi called out, that was new to her this market, was Elizabeth Bradley Home’s charming, flower filled needlepoint pillows.

Mitzi spoke about how excited the young women in this exhibitor space were to be *StyleSpotted* and Mitzi loved their needlepoint designs,  shown below, which blend in so beautifully with almost any interior and in any room.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.04.23 AMUnbeknownst to Mitzi when she StyleSpotted them, their needlepoint pillows had recently been featured on the top of the *HOME* section in The New York Times!

Later that same day, Mitzi and all the other StyleSpotters were asked to take market attendees to *Off The Beaten Path* showrooms. Mitzi chose to take her group to Carol Gregg’s RED EGG showroom on W. High Street and to the 214 Modern Building, showing vintage antiques from Tandem Antiques and other dealers. 

While at Red Egg, Mitzi [ and her group – a few of whom are shown below ] fell in love with Carol’s beautiful new bar, designed by Carol, shown here, and manufactured locally in High Point.

And, even though it was set up as a bar in Carol’s showroom, Mitzi was quick to notice and point out how it could function in a variety of ways and in a variety of rooms, depending on one’s evolving needs, making it #BoomerSmarts.

It’s the interior details and the quality that set this piece apart. It can be finished in many different matte lacquer colors and each detail, inside to outside, can also be custom finished to your specifications. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 6.51.34 AM
Here’s Carol explaining to some of Mitzi’s group about the genesis of the idea for this collection.

Another favorite Style Spot of Mitzi’s one she made while visiting with Joe Ruggiero, Sr. in the Miles Talbott showroom.

Mitzi is a major fan, along with most retailers and designers,  of the fabric that Joe uses in his collections: SUNBRELLA – which is durable, washable and appropriate for families with multiple generations living in the same household  – a topic that Mitzi will explore on Wednesday during her CEU at the Houston Design Center, being generously underwritten this time for Houston area designers by the Adorne lighting division of Legrand North America.

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.06.31 AM

Here’s Mitzi sitting with the owner of Miles Talbott, George Jordan, on one of the sofas that Joe designed, made with Sunbrella fabric.

And here’s Mitzi being filmed StyleSpotting the chair she loved, designed by Joe Ruggiero, Sr. – one she believes is destined to become another American museum classic.

Aren’t these lines beautiful? And, because of the light scale and proportions, they can just as easily be used in a living room, family room or bedroom which made them, for Mitzi, multi-functional and #BoomerSmarts.
Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.27.44 AM
There were several other activities Mitzi was involved in, too, at High Point Market.

Being a guest panelist on the Boomers vs. Millennials panel sponsored by Horchow in the High Point Market Theatre, with two of her fellow StyleSpotters, Shay Geyer and Denise McGaha, and one of our country’s retail legends, the owner of Garden City Furniture in South Carolina and the past Chairman of the National Home Furnishings Association,  Dianne Ray.

Here’s a nice picture of all of them after their discussion was over.

As many of you know, Mitzi is one of The Design Network’s top video channel stars and here she is below with Madison Skakle, the Director of Marketing for The Design Network,  in Surya’s showroom.

Mitzi is also a member of WITHIT, Women In the Home Furnishings Industry Today, and was asked as a StyleSpotter, to speak with her fellow StyleSpotters: Gary Inman, Jeanne Choe Chung and Michelle Jennings -Wiebe at WITHIT’s Competitive Intelligence event, moderated by WITHIT’s Chair of the Board of Governors, Betty Lyn Walters-Eller.

This event in the soaring atrium space at 200 Steele was very well attended by members of WITHIT – as well as by outside market attendees.

Here’s Jeanne speaking about a trend she saw, while Mitzi, Michelle, Gary and Betty Lyn listen and for an excellent trend recap post, see Jeanne’s here, on her blog, Cozy Stylish Chic. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 7.54.28 AM
Mitzi was also filmed by Ellen Geffen of The Home, on what is was like for her to be part of the StylesSpotter experience at High Point Market.

And she was also filmed by Nicole Bowling, managing editor of Residential Lighting magazine, on her top #BoomerSmarts lighting picks at #HPMkt. Look for this video up on Residential Lighting’s website in just a few weeks at http://residentiallighting.com.


And after all of this, she took a well deserved mini-break in Kravet’s beautiful new showroom at High Point Market.

and she had a wonderful time attending the Architectural Digest party where she met Libby Langdon {whose bench at Braxton Culler she StyleSpotted -see it below + all else Mitzi Style Spotted on her #HPMKt StyleSpotter board, here.} and other luminaries of the interior design world – like Gloria de Lourdes Blalock, pictured with Mitzi below.

All in all, it was a wonderful time..and a busy time….and full of great energy.

Thank you, on behalf of Mitzi, to everyone she ran across at #HPMkt who made her feel welcomed -especially the team at High Point Marketing Authority, and the Vice President of Communications,  Mona Delia, who did so much for Mitzi and all of her fellow Style Spotters to make the 2014 Style Spotting year such a success for High Point Market’s exhibitors and all involved.

Mona is choosing the 2015 Style Spotters shortly and if you’re interested in being one, please send in your application as soon as possible via this link:


We also invite you to subscribe this week to Mitzi’s The Design Network video channel [ the link is at the end of this post ]  where she is one of the most trusted voices to America’s 78 million baby boomers –  and to visit the Facebook Page of the Houston Design Center here, if you’d like to keep up with what Mitzi will share this week about #BoomerSmarts housing and products with Houston area designers.

If you use Twitter, the hashtag for the Houston Design Center’s Fall Market event is #HDCFallMarket.

Mitzi’s IDCEC/NKBA approved #BoomerSmarts CEU’s will also shortly be available online if you’re a designer reader and…

 if you’re a consumer reader of Mitzi’s blog or viewer of her TDN video channel, please be watching for the branded products that will soon carry Mitzi’s #BoomerSmarts seal of approval badge on their websites and marketing materials.

It looks like this and if you see it, you can rest assured that Mitzi has reviewed the product and it meets her criteria for being #BoomerSmarts for your homes, apartments, offices and outdoor living spaces.


And, lastly, one more spot that is #BoomerSmarts: Libby Langdon’s new bench for Braxton Culler, which would look perfect underneath any piece of artwork you might want to hang in your home’s foyer, living room or family room or you could use Libby’s bench in a well appointed closet or at the end of your bed, where you might need to have a place to set a pretty tray or just sit down for a few minutes.

Thank you, Libby, for your warmth and kindness during #HPMkt and Mitzi and we wish you every continuing success with your new collections.

And for everyone else who extended kindness, nourishment and encouragement at High Point Market, Mitzi and I both thank you. You are sincerely appreciated and we both look forward to seeing you at the Spring 2015 High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina – the furniture capital of the world.

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