Flowers for Lola


Upon returning to my home after a visit with my 90-year-old special lady friend, Lola, I am recalling some of my late dad’s words to me at the NC beach house while he observed me with tons of family around, “Mitz, you are never going to be alone.”

He meant of course that no matter what happens to me in my lifetime, my family will be there for me.

And, I am thankful for that fact as Lola and I talked today in the nursing home.

It is not that I may not dwell somewhere like that, but I know that I know I will really never be alone.

Every single year now that as I age, I am so aware of how different life is now for us baby boomers from just one generation ago. I am constantly hearing or meeting someone whose life’s path is so completely different from what they ever anticipated.

Not that being alone is new, but life is just so different today in a zillion ways unique to our generation.

For instance, Bob and I have one son and his family in Dubai for 3 years and his twin brother is a Federal agent…not your typical for sure. Our daughter’s husband is a malpractice attorney working all over the country and Lord knows, that is never going to be a normal 9-5 job. And none of them live in Wichita!

So here in my wonderful city of Wichita, Kansas, since life is so different for most of us, I want to be that person who sees a need and does something to fill that need. And I am not talking just about giving money as much as myself and giving up my almighty to-do list for someone other than myself.

My hope and prayer is that every year as I age, I will give more and more thanks for the opportunity to be there for someone in need other than my own family. They already know that I will go to the end of the earth for them.

No, I am talking about going out of our personal comfort zone and our own to-do lists for someone other than our family and close friends. It is often easier to send a check and even though a need made have been met, giving of ourselves sacrificially is what is long remembered.

During this holiday season of 2012, may I be tangibly showing such immense gratitude and thanks for those who have allowed me into their lives in some small way so that they are not alone.

I encourage and urge you to get off of your own to-do list and give up some of your valuable time for someone who is struggling or just needs some good old fashioned attention.

Who knows? This could actually turn out to be your very best gift to yourself too.

Living and loving life together,