It’s All in the Family… Today’s Multigenerational Family, That Is

America’s last census told us about what FAMILIES in the United States look like today, and it’s way different than what I grew up, when TV’s Archie and Edith Bunker’s family was a household name to most of us!

Today’s MODERN FAMILY has a new profile in almost every facet of family life, and, more often than not, people of different age groups and ethnicities are living together, and require new solutions to meet their differing needs and preferences.

The real question is: Are we prepared? I think we have a long way to go, in general, but more companies are catching on to the fact that the modern American family is looking to buy from brands who understand their complex family needs; this trend is only going to continue.

Two companies, both sponsors of Modenus’ #BlogTourVegas to the National Kitchen and Bath Association show, #KBIS2015, have met the challenge and are…


Blanco and Poppengol have wisely and creatively embraced change for today’s modern family with their new product lines. I am so excited to soon see and experience their “ahead of the curve” product designs!

Why do I believe these manufacturers are wise and creative?

Because they have not only heard the facts on America’s demographic shift, but have taken steps to prepare for this huge shift. Consider the statistics:

  • Approx. 78 million Americans are Baby Boomers, between the ages of 50 and 70.
  • By 2030, there will be more 70 million Americans aged 65 or older.
  • More than 50 million Americans live in multi-generational homes now, with this number expected to increase dramatically.

Will There Be Even More Multi-Generational Homes?

Yes. Why? Millions of Americans, whether it be Boomers, Gen Y’ers or Millennials were drastically affected by the 2008 recession. Analysts tell us this was the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1920s.

For the millions of 50+ Boomers who lost their jobs, their 401s, and even homes, they must do what they can to prepare for their housing future.

Then, of course, the Millennials were equally as affected, if not more so. The job market was compromised, credit became almost nonexistent, and housing and living costs soared, making it hard for them to afford to leave home. Even though Millennials are now starting to leave multi-gen homes, millions can’t because they are struggling with student debt.

Most shocking to me, however, is who is moving in with whom. Like most, I thought multi-generational homes involved Boomers’ parents, or the elderly moving in to their Boomer 50+ homes. Boy, was I wrong!

Actually, many Boomers are moving in with their older parents… Wow! And, thousands of Millennials have moved into their Boomers’ parents’ homes, either with or without a spouse or young children.

But, and a big but, along comes these intelligent manufacturers who grasp these demographic issues and are giving us all what we need–products for today’s MODERN FAMILY!

So, my designer hat is off to Blanco and Poggenpohl. Watch this short video and be amazed at the genius in their amazingly creative new products for all ages and all life stages.

It is absolutely #BoomerSmarts to be prepared with the right products for a housing scenario that will include multiple generations living under on roof.

Thank you, Blanco and Poggenpohl, for understanding this idea, and speaking directly to today’s MODERN FAMILY.