Fall Inspiration At Home

“Making Halloween fun for the little ones” is about what I remember in decorating when my children were growing up. Yes, there were haunted houses but not our homes looking like a haunted house that is so prevalent today in decorating for Halloween.


So in stepping out of the norm today of scary Halloween decorating, we are showing friendly and fun decorating “Halloween for our little ones” in this post.




Plus, here are 4 reasons how smart shopping from At Home stores helps us decorate for not only Halloween, but for fall decorating as well.


1. Buy once; decorate twice or “thrice.” In this image  are decorations for Halloween. Take out the trick or treat signage and it could become a lovely fall vignette that can easily work right through Thanksgiving as well. Now that is what I call an advantageous bang for your buck in time and money!






2. Accessorizing, even outdoors, is about layering. These photos show you the 3 stages of accomplishing this look. “It takes a village” so to speak in accessorizing and outdoors is really easy with all the elements that can be used from what we already own by adding other items to “kick it up a notch.”


layering #1


Layer # one starts with a wreath, smaller mum and friendly straw dolls.


layering #2


Layer # two is adding the signage and pumpkins.




Layer # three adds large mums and ferns, tables from At Home for variation in heights, scale and color.


 3. Buy items that are easy to store for the next year. If you look at the items purchased from At Home, you will realize how very little storage space it will require to hold over until the following year. And today, with everyone decluttering or downsizing, this is a huge plus for us all.




 4. Never say always or never, but I never do an outdoor arrangement without incorporating something natural from the outdoors, ever. Even for Christmas I will have live poinsettias inside or pine cones and pines for the outside. Simply adding these gorgeous fall mums totally makes this Halloween scene pop in color, texture, scale, and of course, beauty.




So Happy Halloween to you and your little ones everywhere. Let’s make it a safe and fun one.


Living and loving life together,



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