In spite of all odds, can you live in hope? Can you downsize your mind of your current circumstances to let in hope?

And why would this photo represent my passion in addition to my hope? This image represents my reasons for writing my book.  To simply to explain, I wanted to give others hope regardless of what their age or life stage is.   You see, it truly saddens me to observe so many people as they age even in their 60’s to basically live in a despondent resignation versus living in a state of hopeful expectation.

Could this be describing you? Are you living with an attitude that this is just the way your life is and this is just the way it is going to be? Let me tell you a little secret, well actually a big secret, I have felt this way many times myself. I have fought the fight of self- pity that things were not going my way even though I thought I had tried my ultimate best to change my current situation.

In this post, I want to share with you how I maintain my positive hopeful attitude even when life is not going my way.

  1. My attitude controls my entire life. 

Being in my pity party of self-absorption focused on myself is my sure fire slippery slope that is really hard to recover from and reserve my downward negative slide. So when those defeated, depressing thoughts come, I literally fight my thoughts even sometimes yelling STOP!

  • I literally ask myself what are you doing, Mitzi Beach to change things? This question zeros in on what is my focus? Am I focusing on poor me or am I asking myself, so now what are you going to do to change this situation?
  • I know that misery loves company so the very worst thing I can do when I am discouraged or in a rut is to seek others experiencing what I am experiencing. At all costs, avoid the negative complainers or then the group pity parties, by repetition, reinforce how awful things are. Don’t go there! Seek out those who lift you up and encourage you to be better by stepping out and doing something to make things better.

So for you, if you are struggling right now with a situation, are you doing anything to make things better like learning new skills, losing weight, or reading or listening to content to give you inspiration?

Whatever your state is, you must keep hope alive by DOING SOMETHING. There is always hope if you believe your situation can change. So what are you waiting for? Step out, be the you were meant to be. Don’t be an over-reasoner or procrastinator thinking someday maybe I will…….

Your time is flying by just like mine is. Make it count!

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Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Margo

    I loved your book. After so many years of trying hard to get ahead, especially in the workplace, it’s hard to adjust to this feeling of “what’s the use.” It’s a struggle to find a new purpose once you’ve retired. While I am glad not to have to go to work everyday, it seems like such a letdown.

  2. Deborah Main

    Hi Mitzi. My husband and I are definitely in a very transitional life stage. I really look forward to reviewing your book and sharing it with my husband. I’ve got new projects in the works, but him at 70 weeks to be a bit stalled. Hoping your book will give us both more hope for the future. Can’t wait to read it! ?