Why Downsizing Boomers Should Love Antiques

“Less is more” is certainly true when it comes to the attitudes of Boomers who are downsizing their homes. But, what do they want less of, exactly? Here lies the conundrum for so many downsizing Boomers today.

I often hear from my clients how overwhelming and difficult this whole endeavor can be, and it can leave anyone in a cold sweat. Well, I have come to realize that it is not just de-cluttering and sorting that has them in a tizzy; it’s the guilt of letting go of things that have no significant meaning to them in this life stage. Do you know what I say to that? Get over it! Seriously, if we cannot keep what we want, then when will we give ourselves permission to stop our pleaser games?

Now that we have the guilt elephant in the room out of the way, I’d like to compare downsizing to cleaning out a clothes closet. First, everything has to be emptied out in order to sort. Then, only the useful items are allowed to return. The rest is donated, sold, or given away to family and friends.

When downsizing, the same principles apply. We must evaluate all of our items and decide if they are allowed to stay. This means EVERYTHING, from furniture and accessories, to rugs and lighting fixtures. Figure out what is actually needed to complete our homes, and to give the interior the look we desire.


Now, the fun starts! Boomers are in love with unique, conversation pieces that often have an interesting back story to share. We also believe that finding these special, one-of-a-kind pieces makes them even more hip than they already are!

Many do not remember or know how Boomers started the “green” movement. Remember the granola-eating, tree huggers from the 1960s? These are today’s Boomers. Another valid reason for purchasing antiques is that they are normally “green,” considering they are made from materials such as wood, wool, etc. Repurposing antiques for another use also keeps these items out of landfills.

How fun is it to find that perfect piece that only you have? Come on, admit it; we all love these wonderful antique items that become a unique part of our homes.


Check out The HighBoy. It’s one of the fastest and most reputable curators of antiques, furniture and accessories. If unable to find an exact piece, or time constraints are an issue, let them locate the item for you! The website is user friendly, giving complete, detailed descriptions of pieces. Plus, they are the best source for locating items such as an authentic bistro table with an aged marble top. See their site and be amazed, as I always am, at the broad scope of styles and very cool pieces that defy thoughts of “old” or “stodgy.”

Even if you’re looking for mission or turn-of-the-century pieces, The HighBoy most likely has it, or will be able to find it for you.

The HighBoy campaign chairs

Campaign chairs

Swedish Morin Rococo Period Tall Case Clock

Swedish Morin Rococo Period tall case clock

Alfredo Barbini hand-blown candelabra

Alfredo Barbini hand-blown candelabra

19th Century Swedish Bergere

19th Century Swedish Bergere

If you desire the experience of finding and shopping for your special antiques is what you desire, then Toma Clark Haines of the Antiques Diva & Co. is your gal. Toma takes her shopping clients to Europe, and you may end up in someone’s castle, or in a warehouse in Belgium. This dynamic lady has sources from years and years of European travel, and knows a large network of people. Shopping with Toma is an opportunity to find that perfect treasure for any space, to complete your Boomer home. Plus, you’ll have the shopping trip of a lifetime!

To downsizing Boomers: be unique, be courageous, be spontaneous, and most of all, enjoy your living spaces! Find and treasure those antiques that are just right for you at your life stage. Those that do will ultimately be winners by buying and living with what they truly love.