With that darn virus hanging on as the flu and cold season approach, now is perfect timing to evaluate what and how we improve our personal defense to maintain our wellness in the months ahead. Please read on 


Yes, constantly we are told to wear masks, wash hands often, get a flu shot,  be aware of social distancing, and etc as part of our routines today. However, what are we hearing regarding our own personal wellness in regard to our lifestyles? 

So often it is easier to be compliant on these listed recommendations for our health as well as guarding the health of others than it is to check our own attitudes to our eating, sleeping, exercise, stress controls, and balance, right?


The problem or challenge to improve our personal wellness is often simply the way we eat..especially as we age! Taking this personal responsibility for our own wellness is a  hard concept to accept, even for those super exceptionally brilliant people.

But in all fairness, I believe that today’s current lifestyles does indeed sabotage our personal wellness by being:

Too tired or too busy to shop or cook

Too busy to even think about what one will eat daily

Where to start or how to even begin eating healthy

A lifetime of poor eating habits

Are we just too busy today to take care of our own healthy eating and lifestyle habits? Sadly the answer to this question for most is a resounding yes.

Are you unlikely to have a plan for what you will eat each day? Do you skip meals, especially breakfast? Do you eat in your car, at your desk, engaging in mindless eating?

Well, you are not alone because I totally get it!


Unfortunately, I believe that the majority of us have to figure this out on our own. I can confidently say this due to the fact that doctors very rarely delve into their patients’ eating habits. If your doctor does, then this is awesome for your personal wellness. 

In my Facebook group, I have posted many videos on the status of our wellness today.  I have addressed in my  recent video posts why our doctors have so little nutritional training in medical school along with their immense pressure with patient overload. This is the system’s issues, not our doctors  who try their ultimate best to maintain our wellness. 



Of course the answer is a resounding yes if we are going to not only survive this flu and cold season layered with the lingering virus, but we can certainly equip ourselves to thrive.

Next post will give time tested and researched  solutions to improving our personal wellness, regardless of our ages. But in the meantime, pay attention to yourself. Being healthy and aging healthy is a choice that can only be chosen by each individual. 

Lastly, remember my late dad’s wise words, “it makes no difference if someone is a millionaire, without their health, it is all meaningless. 

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Leslie Carothers

    Thanks for a wonderful post, Mitzi, reminding us all how important it is to have healthy eating habits – an area I was doing pretty well with, until recently.

    I need to hop back on this wagon again. so thanks for a timely message.. at least for me!

    • Mitzi

      That was exactly why I am doing this wellness series in my Facebook group. This is the second one of the three on pursuing helps for our aging gracefully in all areas but espercially how and what we eat. My last video explained why we need supplements to literally supplement our daily lifestyle eating habits. This is an area that I posted on because I am an all out advocate to fascilitate all areas of aging with products that are researched along with highest integrety of maintaining sustainable sources. I will be cheering you on dear Leslie as you get back to what you know you is the necessity for your health but also to keep you going for all you are doing.

  2. Lisa Peck

    Mitzi, such a great reminder to focus on how our daily life and eating impact our wellness. Thanks for all your wisdom.

  3. Janet R Lorusso

    This is so good, Mitzi! That “you are what you eat” adage is not far from the truth and nutrition has a HUGE impact on how we feel. The insane speed at which most of us live is not helping and balancing time for self care, including nutritional meals, has to be an intentional choice! I’m fastidious about not overeating any more, but know only too well how often I default to grabbing crackers and cheese instead of cooking a nourishing meal. Thank you for the reminder that I need to CHOOSE to eat well and how important it is!

    • Mitzi

      Oh Janet did you ever hit the nail on the head! Your description of our insane speed of life is sadly so true but also sadly the enemy of our own health and wellness. I know becasue I have lived too many seasons where no one could possibly produce what pressure I self-imposed on myself. And yes, I did pay the price physically that I am working diligenty to correct now. My ace or secret weapon is super high grade supplements along with getting my walks in, water, and sleep. Take care of yourself Janet when your ORC is over. xo

  4. Mary Ann Benoit

    Thank you. The last year I have been more focused on wellness than I ever have been so I totally appreciate your focus on this. It all helps keep us inspired.

    • Mitzi

      I am so glad to hear that you are focused on wellness Mary Ann. It is so easy to put everything else above our own healthy lifestyles as we keep pushing ourselves to do more with often nothing left for us at the end of the day. As the saying goes, we pay now or pay later but we will pay if we neglect our own health and wellness. Take care of yourself Mary Ann!

  5. Sheri Bruneau

    Mitzi, this is such a great reminder for all of us. With wellness on many people’s minds, this is perfect timing!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Sheri! This is exactly why I posted this wellness series now on my Facebook group for the 50+. We all need to up our game on our inner wellness plans in addition to all the “outer” wellness guidelines during these times.