Can Two Chairs Change Your Life?


I had been on the lookout for rocking chairs for our downsized home’s small front porch for quite awhile.  There was a 42” wide glider on the porch  that came with us from Wichita, Ks which  looked good, but definitely was not comfortable!  Thus, we never really took advantage of our cool, shaded, and  beautiful mornings living in NE Ohio with a west exposure property. 


One day, I surprisingly received a text from hubby Bob from Walmart. He was there buying a replacement patio umbrella. So getting a text with pictures of rocking chairs from an engineer non-shopper hubby was actually shocking! But the best part is that they were spot on the perfect chairs for our small front porch.


So the answer to the question can 2 chairs change life? Yes!  And here’s why these rocking chairs actually changed our life for the better plus further enhancing our new relocation’s enjoyment.



  1.  We never used our front porch. After rocking chairs were  purchased, we realized the many opportunities we missed connecting with our neighbors who were out to get their mail or taking walks.  Even short good morning greetings gave us a sense of knowing our neighbors and they in turn got to know the “new kids” on the block as well.
  2. Porch rocking outside gave us the gift of the peaceful moments to reset, reflect, and or restore ourselves. How we will miss these moments when old man winter arrives.
  3. Rocking outside also prevents the mind pollution
     of negative news from our devices or TV. How detrimental to our overall mindful peace to be bombarded first thing in the morning with the news. I call it mental noise clutter.
  4. A favorite Southern expression, “come and sit a spell” is not a dead long gone idea when one establishes an outdoor respite. What a gift this has been to establish new relationships and even talk more with my hubby.
  5. Rocking outside allows time to daydream or ponder life with absolutely no agenda. This alone is a gift worth exponential returns on combating all of life’s stresses.


Now I ask all of you dear followers, are you creating spaces in your homes to experience life? There have been a plethora of posts written on sanctuary spaces along with the benefits of creating outdoor spaces.

However knowledge, unless actually applied to take the time to benefit from these designated spaces well really, these sadly, these spaces are simply useless to our overall well being.


Another question for you all. Do you realize that the millennials and the 50+ ers actually have a common life goal? Doing research for one of my continuing education courses, ( CEUs), Marketing and Designing to Millennials thru Boomers, I discovered a surprising commonality between these two demographics.


Who Knew Millennials and Boomers had something in common?


My platform of Lifesizing® is based on 3 pillars; Healthy Homes, Healthy Lifestyles, and Healthy Attitudes. Therefore, since I firmly believe all 3 of these pillars are essential for our wellness futures, stress filled lives must be addressed.


Stress is not our friend! In today’s current status of the virus, unrest, and political turmoil, it is  even more imperative we unplug from our devices & TV and just chill out.



Personally, rocking on our porch to “sit a spell” is my perfect antidote to cope with today’s current and constant bombardment of negative news. Therefore I am ending this  post with my heartfelt  message for you all to  consider finding your own personal outside space. 


Because, it really does matter.  


Loving and Living Life Together, 


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  1. Josh Menning

    Such a great post!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you!

  2. Danielle

    I love this! Such a wonderful looking website too!

    • Mitzi

      Yes it is due to the fab website designer Josh Menning…?

  3. Bob Beach

    Very true

  4. Bob Beach

    Very true, nice job.

    • Mitzi

      Thank you BobBob!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit

    I love this so much and your new chairs too! Looks like the perfect place to sit and stay a while. I have found my perfect place on my upstairs balcony. My chair does not rock but it is a colorful turquoise with beautiful colorful cushions and is surrounded by roses.

    • Mitzi

      Hello Mary Ann and thank you! I love that you have your own special space on your balcony rocking or not….:)
      Life is so much sweeter savoring time surrounded by what we love.

  6. anna Jatsiv

    great post and lovely pictures!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Anna and I am happy you enjoyed my post!

  7. Janet Lorusso

    I am ALL IN on this idea of finding an outside place to rest and recharge and USING it! My place is my back deck and I start every morning there with my cup of tea, surrounded by flower and herb filled planters and watching the birds and chipmunks play, until the weather prevents me from doing so! I call it my happy place and I am about to buy a patio heater to extend my season as long as possible! Your new website is beautiful, Mitzi, congratulations! And thank you SO much for including me in your ‘blogs I read’ list! XO

  8. Lauren

    This is so relaxing! I love how you describe your porch I just want to go there right now and join you for a cup of tea or coffee!

    • Mitzi

      Lauren you are welcome anytime! This is so true however, how our spaces can beckon or call us to just chill. I hope you find or have yours!

  9. Christina Rodriguez

    I have a rocking chair on my front porch. It was given to me by my honorary Italian grandma. It has her mother’s name carved into the wood of the seat back. We sit in it in the evenings when it’s not as hot. My dog Rocky had claimed that chair for himself when he was still with us. I had to fight him for it. LOL

    • Mitzi

      Oh how precious Christina! What a lovely treasured keepsake you are blessed to have. And good for you to appreciate this rocking chair for so much more than simply a place that your sweet dog enjoyed. Rock away in his memory as you restore your creative spirit bringing restoration to your busy life. xo

  10. Judy Johnson

    Being a born and bred Southerner I was raised on the “come and sit a spell” lifestyle…one that I totally support and love. One of my fondest memories is sitting and rocking on my grandparents front porch with a huge fan blowing on us from one end, shelling peas, watching cars go by and just enjoying being together. With our hot Southern summers, it’s next to impossible to sit outside for many months but there have been a few evenings recently my husband and I have sat on our front porch rocking and watching the world go by.

    I really am enjoying your posts for the over 50 crowd!

    • Mitzi

      I love your comments, Judy! You definitely knew exactly what I meant by “come and sit a spell”..:)
      Even though we do not have exceptionally hot summers here in Ohio, it does get warm. So we often beat the heat very early in the morning basking in those beautiful summer mornings. However, I do get how other parts of the country, even am is not condusive to sitting outside, but come fall, you will be ready!
      And I really appreciate you commenting on my posts!!

  11. Sheri Bruneau

    I love a good rocking chair and your new ones look wonderful. You are so right about being outside, in the peace and quiet, and how it helps with recharging!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Sheri! We all certainly need this recharging in our lives today and I wish you these times also away from your busy but successful life.

  12. Leslie+Carothers

    Mitzi: I love this idea of a rocking chair on my balcony. Until I read your post, I had never considered it, believe it or not, but I think it’s just what I need. I love rocking on the ones they have at Cracker Barrel and I might just go up there and grab one and bring it home!

    Thanks for a great reminder to take a few minutes to rest and recharge, outside.

    And… as I’ve told you in other places, your new website is just beautiful!


    • Mitzi

      You know Leslie, I actually thought the very same thing for you as you have shown images of your suculents on your balcony in addition to your lovely views. Yes, by all means, you so deserve these moments of blissful moments of nothingness or creative pondering!
      My neighbor up from us actually has two lovely rockers that I have admired. Asking her where she purchased her rocking chairs, she replied, “Cracker Barrell”
      Thank you again for your encouraging and positive comments on my new website. It means so much!

  13. Christie Adams Design

    My house sadly doesn’t have a front porch but we just installed a back patio and now you’ve inspired me to shop for a comfy chair or two!! I love that your husband texted you after finding the chair at Walmart!!!

    • Mitzi

      Yes, it was a shock to me that Bob actually found these rocking chairs Christie! And I truly hope you shop for not only chairs but give them the true acid test of comfort as well as price and looks. It really does change the quality of our lives to just “sit a spell”. Would love to see what you come up with…:)

  14. Rosie B.

    Beautiful flowers? I’m going to trade in my front porch bench for a comfortable rocking chair!

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Rosie! And if you do, I bet that you will not be sorry!