BoomerSmarts® Furniture

During this past High Point Market in North Carolina, in the window of Wesley Hall furniture showroom was this attention getting furniture.

Of course, being the functional and comfort skeptic when it comes to ordering furniture for my interior design clients, I thought cool but not for my Boomer client. That is until I tested it myself for comfort and of course…I was totally wrong! Very comfortable and in the functional aspect…well just check out these photos to see how many seating and space planning options can be accomplished by these unique furniture pieces.For Boomers’ unique and often unknown future needs, these pieces could be an awesome answer.

Is this cool or what?

Stay tuned for more really unique solutions to the Boomer’s needs in furniture as they decide their futures whether in redoing their present homes or relocating. The BoomerSmarts® answer is the same. Don’t keep on keeping the same ole stuff just because you think you need to keep all your same stuff. There are no furniture police out there except your own Boomer mindset keeping you in your mental jail of furniture guilt.

Donate, sell, give to adult children or grandchildren or shelters for children or women…the list is endless. I could make a pretty penny if I were a betting woman on how many Boomer women have way too much furniture and most of it they don’t even like or want it anymore.

Really? Have we not become any Boomer Smarter than this type of self-imposed emotional blackmail? And don’t tell me it is all about the money because I simply will not believe you. Even if you do not buy any more furniture, why do you still have so much that you don’t need or want?

Life is too short to live in a perpetual state of furniture guilt. However, buying with BoomerSmarts®, our Boomer homes will embrace and elevate us to live our best yet lives in the function, comfort, and beauty of our homes.

You’ll see.