Boomer Bathrooms Get Greener with VorMax

From cars to appliances and paint to linens, research shows us that the majority of Boomers care about the environment and the impact they have on it.

The numbers don’t lie, so it’s no surprise that Boomers are turning to American Standard’s VorMax toilet to make their bathrooms greener, too.



VorMax Flush Technology is the solution to maintaining a cleaner toilet bowl by simply flushing the toilet. Its revolutionary VorMax flushing action, CleanCurve Rim design, and EverClean Surface keep the bowl so clean from top to bottom, you’ll never have to worry about missing a spot again. With a flush that cleans that well you can say goodbye to skidmarks, clingers, and splatter for good.

How do I know? We have one. My husband Bob has one in his water closet and he’s been using it for the past several months. Based on a flush scale of 1 to 5 – 1 being least impressed and 5 being most impressed – Bob gives our American Standard VorMax toilet 5 flushes. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • VorMax Flushing System cleans two times better than conventional toilet by delivering a powerful jet of water that scrubs the bowl clean from top to bottom, removing everything in its path.
  • CleanCurve Rim Design eliminates hidden, hard-to-reach surfaces where dirt and buildup hide
  • EverClean Surface is super smooth and easier to keep clean, even after years of use. Plus, the permanent EverClean antimicrobial surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria on the surface
  • High Efficiency 1.28 gallon per flush toilet that meets WaterSense criteria
  • Comfortable Right Height, Elongated Bowl is ADA compliant, which can help make getting on and off of the toilet easier
The VorMax toilet in its Cypress home

The VorMax toilet in its Cypress home


The VorMax toilet is BoomerSmart in so many ways! If you’re looking for a greener, cleaner and more comfortable option in toilets, I highly recommend giving the VorMax a flush.

Click here to learn more about the American Standard VorMax.


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