BLANCO Nails “Form Follows Function”

After more than 30 years as a professional ASID interior designer, I still get so excited when I see form following function in both products and design. BLANCO is exceptional at following this concept, and I was so excited that they were a sponsor for Modenus #BlogTourVegas at KBIS this year.


BLANCO has combined smartly-designed products with two of today’s biggest trends–individualization and sustainability. With features like these, BLANCO is appealing to both designers and consumers, and is a great pick for those looking for #BoomerSmarts products for their kitchens.

I think BLANCO’s website states it best:

“BLANCO is committed to developing products and manufacturing processes that are sustainable and efficient, while making a positive impact on the environment. Did you know that only one percent of the world’s water supply is actually drinkable? In fact, America’s use about 100 gallons of water per day! (Source: U.S. EPA)

BLANCO’s water-saving faucets reduce kitchen water consumption by 20 percent, adding to the conservation of of the earth’s small drinkable supply.”

Two notable faucets are the BLANCO MERIDIAN Semi-Professional in a 1.5 GPM model, and BLANCO SONOMA, which save 30 percent more water than standard-flow faucets.

BLANCO Meridian Semi-Professional faucet

BLANCO MERIDIAN Semi-Professional faucet



Speaking of the environment, I did not realize that 96 percent of the food we throw away ends up in landfills. According to BLANCO’s information, once in landfills, food breaks down to produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas that many believe contributes to climate change.

BLANCO’s solution to this important issue is to compost food scraps instead of throwing them away. Crafted of recycled stainless steel, the BLANCO SOLON Compost System makes composting easy and stylish, and his hidden under your kitchen counter top. It even has a sealed lid to keep odors out of the kitchen. As an avid gardener, I would LOVE to have this product!

BLANCO SOLON Compost System

BLANCO SOLON Compost System

BLANCO SOLON Compost System

BLANCO SOLON Compost System

Thank you, BLANCO, for sponsoring #BlogTourVegas, and for your commitment to developing products that add convenience, beauty and sustainability to our homes! For more information on Modenus, click here, and also be sure check out and “like” BLANCO’s Facebook page.


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