“Befores” of a Boomer Smart Remodel


Sunroom now. Soon… Dining room extraordinaire.

As a “seasoned” designer, nothing excites me more in my design projects than achieving the ultimate in space planning for Boomers for their ultimate living experience for the now and for the future in all areas:


And let me tell you this remodel is going to be over the top in all three!

Why? Because these Boomer Smart Boomers totally embrace function, comfort, beauty, convenience, and safety in all their decision making goals. And I am hear to tell you by 30 years of experience, this is rare!

But, they will be so incredibly rewarded for thinking ahead, thinking outside the box, and thinking DIFFERENTLY than the majority of those doing remodeling projects.

You know the saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink?

Well, this so often is what we hear when presenting ideas that position Boomers for their futures. In my book on Amazon, Boomer Smarts Boomer Power, I go into this in great detail how our attitudes TOTALLY affect our design projects whether buying new or remodeling.

So take a peek at some of the before photos for phase 1 of this fabulous property and even more fabulous living experience to come.


Wall removed between kitchen and former dining room.


Opening other side of dining room wall to connect with living room.


View from living room into now opened up kitchen eating area.


From living room.


Looking from future kitchen island into new dining room.


Working on tweaking paints, etc.