Yes, I am asking myself this exact question. I would love your opinion, honestly I would.  I have a feeling I could be setting myself up for an ear full!

This weekend is my birthday. I am finally okay with being more open that my age as of this weekend is now is 73. It appears to be the perception that being in one’s 60’s is not really that old. However, revealing that you are in your 70’s in today’s perception of old is well just that, old. And you know what? Truthfully, I have had a huge fight with myself over just this revelation that being in my 70’s has major ramifications personally and professionally. So can you understand my dilemma on revealing my age?

This is not a vanity issue like I am trying to fool everyone that I am younger than I am. No, I am actually proud to be moving and grooving along even in my 70’s with very little physical obstacles other than acknowledging that my energy, nutritional, and exercise needs require constant evaluation or tweaking.

Our beautiful home is for sale with an open house this Sunday. I am so excited to meet whomever buys this amazing home restored with such a vast amount love and futuristic design with aging or thriving in place elements rarely found in other homes. 

So it is now time for me to start seriously packing the “stuff” but also packing up the life I have known for over 30 years here in Wichita, Kansas.  In our 50 years of marriage, we have moved from Ohio to New Jersey to California to Kansas. But we were young then with a young family. This new life transitional move is a whole new endeavor “at our age”.

My personal battle is with my identity as I ponder the life ahead in this major transition of relocating to NE Ohio this summer. I am rather ashamed to admit it because it sounds so shallow.  But it is all about Mitzi who?

In this transition, can I really keep pressing hard to get my message out about aging differently and better as millions are in my life stage too?

What actually is the question, am I too old? Well, on the surface it is about am I too old to wear torn skinny jeans? And I truly would love to hear your thoughts, …I think…

But the deeper question is am I too old to keep pushing hard to get my message out there on aging differently in America’s youth obsessed culture? My personal and hopefully professional answer is NEVER!! I care too deeply about you all not to keep on keeping on regardless of my age or my challenging transitional change of relocating. The answer to my deeper question will be revealed as you all keep reading and responding to my posts, coming to hear me speak, or even buying my book. I lay my life open to you being vulnerable and sincere to share with you what I am asking myself. Am I too old? 

Living and Loving Life Together,

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  1. Pam

    Mitzi, I have a mantra that goes like this “I am NOT too old!”, so that being said I get where you’re coming from. I have been bit hard by the bug of a new art form (in my 60’s) and I have that argument with myself a lot. But, the truth is – I love it. So, why shouldn’t I give it my all – no matter my age?

    I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you. And by the way, you’re rocking those jeans.

    • Mitzi

      Thank you so much Pam for commenting! I am excited for you to be in your happy zone which is one of the most important keys to rocking life moving forward to the next life stages. and YES, give it your absolute all!

      Please stay tuned for what I am “fixin” to launch this summer sometime. I believe you will be one of the Design SMARTS ladies to love it.

      and PS, I will be wearing my jeans, xoxo

  2. Janice

    I have never met anyone who embraces life with such joy and zest as you do! Age is just a number…do not let it or others define you in any manner. I have been privileged to watch you rock several of the decades that you have moved through and no one has done it any better. You continue to be an inspiration to all O50’s to live our lives without hesitation or stereotyping! Great things are waiting for you on your new journey to Ohio…I will be following you from afar now via your blog?

    • Mitzi

      Wow, Janice, what a lovely inspiring compliment you gave me! This helps me so much to realize that I am not being that lady who should have seen her reality in her aging. But your comment and others spurs me on to know that my reality is one of being a positive influence for other women.

      this is my mission and I most definitely hold this near and dear to my heart to keep on keeping on. Thank you sooo much for your support! xo Mitzi


    I love this! I felt like that and most times still do after letting my hair grow back white after breast cancer at age 53! I’m a 5 year survivor and feel wonderful but often get treated differently because of my hair, almost like I’m invisible! I think you look stunning and hip! After reading this I don’t feel alone with my thoughts. I love wearing my converse and torn jeans and today I’m going to wear them with a bit more confidence! A big thank you this morning! #youlookwonderful ?

    • Mitzi

      What a joy it is to read your comment Kim to know that I in some small way gave you a sense of belonging to a huge group of women who feel just like you do. And praises for you being a 5 year survivor!!

      Yes, I agree with you that women with white or grey hair are treated differently but yet in todays world, you women are making a huge statement all your own. I see this look at one of confidence to be beautiful inside radiating on the outside with an attitude that is all gracious and positive wearing a look of security that is bolder than any thing else.

      Thank you Kim for commenting!! xoxo Mitzi

  4. Sandra Baron

    You look fabulous in those jeans. I think if we let the kids wear the raggedy ones with big holes we are good with some distress. And by the way, I think the kids look silly wearing those rags. I can tell you work out and take good care of yourself, but I too ask myself that question. I’m 72 and find if you wear smaller size clothing it can be a problem. I want to keep up with fashion but again I don’t want to look like I am trying to be 30 again. I go with my gut and say if you don’t like what I’m wearing….don’t look at me. LOL

    • Mitzi

      Good for you Sandra! And thank you for being so honest with me stating what I thought many times. However, I am going to wear these jeans but like you are inferring, when it is okay for to do so not just nonchalently wherever. For one thing, I want to respect who I am with in my dress but also in my attitude of being a woman in her 70’s, not trying to be an age that clearly I am not.

      wise lady you are and I thank you for your comment. Mitzi

  5. Laurie Carney

    Mitzi, it is extraordinarily uncommon for me to comment on a blog, but I want to encourage you because I was one of the first to hear your dreams. Age is a many-level thing. There is the age we wear on our faces and bodies, and you’ve got that nailed. You look fabulous and you are infinitely stylish. There is the march of time across our minds. I believe strongly that we must be constant learners, remaining curious about everything and never failing to ask “why” when we encounter things we don’t understand. Again, you’ve nailed that. And then there is the age of our hearts, and that is where our life maturity is most precious as we listen to and love others and engage them in meaningful ways on the basis of our experience. Clearly, you are hitting that out of the ballpark. Most important, though, when you’re not afraid to be vulnerable…when you put yourself out there like you just did with a loaded question…well, you’re not too old to be an example to anyone who has forgotten how to be strong and courageous. Happy ageless birthday, my friend.

    • Mitzi

      Laurie Carney, I remember the exact conversation that you and I had in my studio on where do I go from here and how do I possibly get there? You responded in your amazingly wise knowledge of understanding that I did not need one person but I needed a team. Of course at that timing I could not possibly understand how I would ever warrant that level of support. Twelve years later Laurie, I have done what you have realized from the very beginning listening to my goals and dreams. What I always knew that you surmised that my mission was so much bigger than myself . But this had everything to do with women in a stage of life without a set compass or perhaps a changing one who needed a voice to propel them to do more and to be more. For you to break your pattern of responding to blogs, is to me a sign that I have been seeking regarding my position of influence to so many women hungry for a positive affirmation that they can still be a woman of substance within their circle or beyond. I am grateful for your comment and I truly value you as
      one of the very significant women of substance.

  6. Michelle

    First of all, you’re a full decade older than I thought you were! I’m 64 and I thought you were my age- or younger! You look stylish and fabulous and vibrant. You keep up to date in the interior design world. And you’ve created your own niche with boomer smarts. You’re doing great! Happy Birthday dear Mitzi!

    • Mitzi

      First off, I thank you Michelle for commenting on this special post because I soul searched before writing this one. But reading your comment and the others make me realize that not only did I make the right decision to do this post but that there were tons of women just like me pondering this same question.

      Again, I so appreciate you taking your time to comment.


  7. Pam Venne

    Like you, I have been struggling with the same questions about aging and getting my message across. I have bought and returned skinny jeans a number of times. Finally, I gave up and put them on and am wearing them because “I” like them. As I cruise through my 70s and look at my 80s I am downsizing and looking at my future. AT the same time< I finally gave up worrying about what people thought about what I was wearing. What I love about you is the way you have brought style, humor, and vibrancy into my life as I have been making these changes with you. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity and energy. Happy Birthday, Mitzi!

    • Mitzi

      What a joy it is to read your comment Kim to know that I in some small way gave you a sense of belonging to a huge group of women who feel just like you do. And praises for you being a 5 year survivor!!

      Yes, I agree with you that women with white or grey hair are treated differently but yet in todays world, you women are making a huge statement all your own. I see this look at one of confidence to be beautiful inside radiating on the outside with an attitude that is all gracious and positive wearing a look of security that is bolder than any thing else.

      Thank you Kim for commenting!! xoxo Mitzi

    • Mitzi

      thank you for your honest comment Pam and especially saying you’re just going for it and wearing your skinny jeans. You go girl!
      May I ask what your message is? I tried to find you on Facebook, not stalking you, just curious what you are about that you want to share. It may be just being your lovely self as you walk with dignity and beauty into your future years and of course, that is more than enough!
      You sharing your adjectives of me made my day and every day that I will read your comment. I am so grateful for you taking this time Pam!

  8. Deborah Main

    Mitzi, as my 93 old neighbor says, she never thinks about age. While my husband who turned 70 last year constantly talks about how old he is. If you were wearing a mini skirt and cleavage top I may say, you might reconsider your outfit but you look FABULOUS in torn jeans and a peasant top. And you’re on trend with fashion!!

    Here s my theory. I’m 62 and I need to create a life that has me living and active for another THIRTY years!!! That’s the NEW reality that We’re frankly not equipped to handle yet. It’s totally new territory to live till our 90’s, so we NEED you to be talking about aging boldly and aging in place with our homes.

    Age really is a state of mind, but then again I haven’t turned 70 yet. But here’s an example. My mother called me crying when she turned 60. On my 60th, I had a bday bash with 6 cakes and 80 guests. And I’m going to keep having fun and working as long as I can.

    My stepmother is 87 and gets up at 6 every morning and goes to the gym. Because to age well, we HAVE to keep moving.

    You are beautiful inside and out and look totally hot in those jeans!! Watch out Bob Bob!!

    Love you writing about it openly. I’m a member of a new group that I think has chapters around the country, but started here. “Next Tribe”. Find it and schedule a speaking engagement with them to promote your new book.

    Love you my dear. Aging boldly, Deborah

    P.s. Remember to send me a signed copy of your book so I can review it on my blog soon. I have one book review scheduled ahead of yours. 🙂

    • Mitzi

      Oh my dear Deborah, I love you and love your comment here and on Facebook. You hit the nail on the head stating we are not equipped for what is next which you know is exactly why I wrote my book.
      And yes! You definitely need to create that life to give you the purpose and passion to keep your motivation up for many many more years being the example, especially to your husband who it appears is stuck on his age. I never ever say that I am too old contrary to my post on asking this question. I was refering to being relevant in what I am about in writing and speaking as to whether it mattered or not. The responses have told me it does resonate and I have been heard which makes me so happy to actually be affirmed that I am making a difference. It may sound extremely shallow as I wrote to ask this question but I had to know literally moving into a new location leading into an entirely new life transition.
      My goodness, your poor mother’s attitude is not that uncommon but you my dear are not taking this role model for yourself because you are so much smarter!
      I will definitely check out the next tribe and I am grateful to know about it. Please DM me your address so I can send you my book that I believe you will totally get it as being in the same mindset.
      I appreciate you Deborah Main!

  9. Sharon

    I just saw your article pop up on my FB page, and the torn jeans caught my eye. I just finished reading your article, and I could identify with the 70’s age “thing.”
    I’m not young and my mind is not old, but I don’t look young or creepy old. For me I prefer to wear beautiful clothes, and jewelry when I go out for the world to see. Torn jeans, in my opinion are for the young and do not represent who I am. I am a mature woman, and have had my time on the fad train.
    So,no rules really, just be you, and I be me. It’s all good.

    • Mitzi

      Yes, Sharon, I definitely agree with your comments.I try also not to be too much of a fad follower except that there are certain fads that come in that I actually think are cool or fun like the torn jeans. It is of course not my every day look at all and there will be selective occasions when I acutually wear them because many women will be aghast like who or what age does she think she is already. But when I do wear them, like you said, it is all good!
      Thank you so much for commenting!

  10. Joyce Wright

    You are a wonderful person who I look up to and you are NEVER to old for anything!! Always look just so trendy and hip and I can only hope when I am in my 70’s that I look as wonderful as you!?

    • Mitzi

      Oh my dear Joyce, thank you soooo much for your comment!

      I take what you wrote as true affirmation that it is not all about age but it is the whole package.

      And my money is on you that wou will look not only good, but awesomely super beautiful!


  11. Janet Lorusso

    I have too often thought, “I’m too old for this”, and I’m not quite 60. But really, each decade is just a new adventure and I want to live each one I am granted to the fullest! You are an inspiration to so many – thank you!

    • Mitzi

      Well dear Janet, if you are thinking this still in your 50’s, then we all really do need each other to move forward with women with an confident attitude. This is not brassy declaring this or that but as women who by their example show the world what and who we are, empowered women.
      Thank you so much for commenting and stay tuned for a new group that I am now inspired to form.


  12. Mary Ann Bledsoe

    I’d skip the torn jeans. You have more class than that and you’re not 15! Being honest about who you are is authentic.

    • Mitzi

      thank you for your comment Mary Ann.

      The other comments differ from yours, but I hear you about being authenic about age and really, everything else.

      and you also are correct, I am not 15 and I will do my best to never try to be other than who I am.


  13. Margo

    Hi Mitzi,
    I just finished reading your book. It filled me with pride since three years ago we bought a one story house on a lake. We remodeled the bathroom which took longer than expected because we had such a hard time finding someone to do the work. I’m happy to say we got rid of the tub and have a walk in shower complete with a seat and hand held option. This home is much smaller, has only one bath on our main floor and has made us downsize a lot of “stuff”. To get rid of a lot of belongings I have space in a local second hand store where I work one afternoon a week. It has been a great social outlet for me after moving to a new area where I didn’t have any friends.
    Making new friends is not an easy process in this town where people keep to themselves, however, the ladies group at church has been where I’ve found compassion and like minded people. I too, am a woman of faith, absolutely believe in the power of prayer and am so thankful for the life my husband of 48 years and I share. While this may sound too good to be true, the one thing I’ve neglected all my life is my physical well being and I’m sad to say that I’m terribly overweight and paying the price with issues with my heart. But I’ve joined a gym where I can swim and do aqua aerobics so I’m working on addressing these issues.
    The first year of retirement was a big adjustment but I am finally comfortable with our financial health and no longer think about it. We live within our means (as we’ve always done) and just had a new boat delivered this past week. If not now, when? Amazingly enough, I’ve stopped worrying about all the insignificant things. The only thing worth my concern now is our health and staying healthy. We do enjoy gardening especially now with a little yard rather than the acres we had in the past. So we are off to Church this morning and the local garden center later.
    I know this post is long, but as I said, your book made me feel so good. It is great to have something addressed to us by one of us. If I looked as good in torn jeans as you do, I’d be wearing them too. What I’ve learned is that we dress to please ourselves not anyone else. We just spent a week in Paris and I for one left the jeans at home. One woman commented to me that she enjoyed seeing me come down to dinner each night. It made my day. Just because I’m older and definitely overweight, it’s no reason to give up on trying to look my best. The best thing we can do is to find ways that make us feel good about ourselves!
    I w hold love to meet you and plan to find out more about your blog and design business.

    • Mitzi

      Margo your comment blessed me immensely becasue I too as yoou know, am a woman of faith. I am so pleased to hear that you enjoyed my book. May I be so bold as to ask you to consider writing a review on amazon?

      I definitley hear you on downsizing and also relocating. both are life challenges as you have discovered but you are getting in your groove so to speak. Good for you to now be working on your health! this is like your job now making it your life’s work. I would love to be able to follow your progress and help you in any way I can. No I do not sell wieght loss products but only want to encourage you in your efforts.

      What topic would you like to see me blog about? You are a very introspective smart lady and I am trhilled for you to have found women in your church to connect with which is what I am praying for as we move this summer.

      God bless you Mary Ann and know you are way ahead of tons of others who have not even started thinking about resetting their lives. xo Mitzi

  14. Sheri Bruneau

    I have always believed that age is just a number. It is something we don’t have control over and can’t stop. What we do have control over is our actions and reactions. You are never too old to do anything!

    By the way, I love seeing you in your distressed jeans.

    • Mitzi

      Well Sheri, looking at your sassy beautiful photo in your jeans, I really value your comment!

      And truthfully, very truthfully, I never ever thought about age as more than a number until…..until I hit my 70’s. What a game changer this is in the eyes of our culture so much so that it took me awhile to actually reveal my age being in the design image business.

      I wrote my post seeking not shallowness from my reasonings other than to verify my own status of relevancy in what I am about doing now and as we move take a huge life transiton this summer. You see Sheri, I will not contiune as the interior designer that I have been for more than 30+ years in a business practice but as a voice writing and speaking.

      to read from many others that what I have given over many years to age gracefully being prepared had indeed made a difference so this is more than enough for me to keep on keeping on.

      I truly thank you for taking the time to comment!

  15. Amy

    Wear the torn jeans!!! They don’t have an age requirement on the tag, right?! I have ones with the fringe on the bottom but about 8 months of the year it is too hot to wear any type of jean in Florida! But I dress more fun that many of my late 50’s peers. It’s who I am. Right now I have bright Royal Blue nail polish and get so many complements. There are things I won’t wear though because I feel they don’t look good on me but it’s not about age! But, nor do I wear things to TRY and look young either. I just wear what I feel good in. I think that mantra fits at any age. And Mitzi I still wanna be like you when I grow up!!❤️

    • Mitzi

      Thank you Amy! I love everything you wrote, everything, and especially about being me when you grow up!

      I know that you have it all going for sure and I hope that you will continue being the leader I am sure you are currently for so many that need your perspective and influence right in your Florida circle of family and friends.

      You are definitley a voice of enthusiam for life. Don’t let anyone silence that lovely you.

  16. Maria

    You look fantastic and you sound amazing! What else? Ah and you are a wonderful artist of life and beyond…
    Numbers don’t make ages, and I need to tell you that my husbands preparing a whole course/retreat, on ‘ageless living’ which to our opinion is true reality!

  17. Andrea Kennedy

    So many beautiful, heartfelt and insightful comments! I can’t possibly add to such encouraging words, other than to say what an inspiration you are to me! You walk your talk, and you face life and its challenges head-on, ‘doing it afraid’ oftentimes, as Joyce Meyer says. You surround yourself with women who inspire YOU, and you honor their strengths by allowing them to be WHO they are, and DO what they DO, thereby affirming them as the blessings they are! For those of us who struggle with self-esteem, and even mustering the drive to invest in ourselves for the SAKE of ourselves, and not JUST our families…you continue to be that voice crying in the wilderness to BELIEVE: in God, in our talents, our unique abilities, and to pursue and discover the purpose for which we were created. For that, and SO much more, I thank you! You KNOW my heart for you, my friend. I hold you in such high esteem, and truly, you are responsible for bringing out the best in me, even in the most trying of circumstances. Thank you for believing in me, and investing in a friendship that grows richer with each passing year. I love you, Mitzi Beach!


      oh my my dear, dear Andrea, you have touched on so many vulnerabilities that if the real truth be known, is sadly typical of almost all women, myself included. And as you touched on, it is extremely hard for women to invest in THEMSELVES versus their families or everyone else, especially if it is for self-improvement or a cause without profit of the almighty dollar. Of course we all need to be financially wise but what have most women forfeited of themselves in doing just that, not spending anything on their own future endeavors? My only answer lies in the Design SMARTS acronym that every woman will have to emphatically answer the questions presented. Without self examination, life is only a wishful journey of good intentions and often unfulfilled dreams. Do not let this be you!! I will kick your sweet self all the way from Ohio! I love you so very much!

  18. Linda Gibbons

    You absolutely are not too old Mitzi! We are the same age! And you look marvelous as well. Keep on doing what you do best. Encouraging others to be the best version of themselves!♥️


      I cannot even tell you what a delightful surprise seeing your name come up my longest BFF from OHIO U!!
      Thank you and of course I think the same about you looking great and enjoying your retirement plus your traveling with Larry. You better get ready because if Bob and I do not see you before next winter at OU, you betcha we will be seeing you in Florida!
      But I really appreciate your comment regarding my encouraging others because this is truly the essence of what I believe I am called to do. It often is a lonely road of uncertainty so when I am affirmed, it keeps me keeping on.

  19. Lucia

    Wow! I am sitting here reading this post and all the comments with this HUGE smile on my face! You, my friend, are living life to its fullest! Thank you for being bold and sharing your story. This is my first visit here, but definitely will not be my last.

    I’m 56 and have just started realizing that I passed the 50 mark. I’m inspiring women as we are Learning To Live Light in this life together.

    You have brought me so much joy and excitement about my next 20 years and beyond!

    Thank you and bless you!

  20. Amy Kennedy

    Oh thank you for this post! You have given me such encouragement! I think you look fantastic! I also think that each person can make up their minds about what they feel good in, and I totally love your style and would wear it in a heartbeat! There are some styles that I adore and probably wouldn’t try because they just aren’t me- my preference. But I love seeing them on other people no matter age or size or anything. It’s like getting a bouquet of flowers, they each are different and beautiful! As far as I am concerned, I say yes to denim, distressed or whatever at any age. I am 58, just for reference.

  21. Nancy Weiss

    First of all Happy Birthday ? You look amazing! Moving is never easy but I’m sure the transition will go well with your positive outlook. You’re right in saying we are never too old.


  22. melanie silk

    Mitzi..what a great post! If you didn’t reveal your age, I never would have known. Keep wearing that denim and if you like the torn jean look..go for it. I love our community we have here online of women that aren’t letting a number determine how they dress or live. Your transparency is admired. You are a lovely, classy woman!
    Hugs, Melanie

  23. Jannuth Carroll

    Mitzi, you look beautiful as always and are continually fashionable. You take extra good care of yourself & that is evident. I am not a proponent of “age is just a number,” but rather I
    select to concentrate in the way women care, nurture, eat healthfully, exercise, & care for our spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Also, we should concentrate on the way we love others and & accept their love. Most of all, we must ask ourselves daily, “Do I exude positivity or negativity?” Both characteristics are contagious. I love the way you care for all aspects in your life including keeping busy. You are amazing!!!!!

    • Mitzi

      Oh my, what a beautiful comment and please forgive my tardiness in responding! And I could not agree with you more in being mindful of ways we nurture others as we are also taking care of ourselves as we mature. And being positive is one of our most valuable contributions we can do for these times and all times because the world can be a very dark place. thank you soooo much for your beautiful encouragement! xoxo