5 Ways Furniture Affects Wellness

Recently I did a presentation at High Point Market on how our furniture affects our wellness. I thought you all would benefit with a recap of my talk. Click here to read more!

Photo by the Smithsonian

Most of you will definitely remember these chairs from one of our favorite shows “All in the Family” with the beloved Edith and the cantankerous Archie. Their chairs are perfect examples of what does not promote wellness!

Here then are five tips to consider in buying or replacing your Archie and Edith chairs.

Ask “What am I sitting on day after day?” Wellness is for every day! Poorly designed or inappropriate furniture has adverse effects resulting in neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or discomfort and even headaches.

Tip #1: Purchase comfy chairs that envelop with backs high enough to rest their heads.

Norwalk Green Recliner
Wesley Hall Chair

Tip #2: The correct pitch of chair is crucial!

Wesley Hall Chairs
Woodbridge Barstool

Tip #3: Seat depth is also critical for comfort and wellbeing.

Lexington Kensington Place Sofa

Tip #4: Height of arms and style of cushions.

CR Laine Chair
Cool chair from Fairfield Chair with usb ports on the side!
Green Sofa from Company C

Tip #5: Consider ergonomics: use ottomans in bathrooms, a bench at the end of the bed, and seating in entry or back door.

CR Laine Ottoman
Ambella Home Bench
Alden Parkes Bench
Thibaut Bench

Our furniture has the potential to deliver exponentially greater wellness benefits with these tips. Please follow as coming soon will be the effects of lighting and accessories on your wellness. And don’t forget my books launching bargain- kindle version- 99cents limited time only!

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