My major shocks on a recent traveling experience and what I learned…read on

Major lesson: Even in traveling, we can choose our outcome or we can take a chance, ie not choose our outcome. Most of us realize that traveling is tiring. However, I do not recall having this amount of brain fog, fatigue, lethargy, and a bit of depression after returning home.

 Ironically, on our two days of driving home I journaled 3 top lessons learned without anticipating the homecoming results. For another post, I will share my biggest lesson learned….how all encompasing my hotel or rental house affects me.

  1.  Limit the driving time of our driving trips to destinations 8 hours or so away,  not trips requiring two or three days of travel. The exception is family gatherings if we are not flying. Even though Bob does the driving, I am still majorly affected by tensions of crazy traffic, weather issues, the speed of many trucks, plus construction challenges. 
  1.  Experience less stress, Pack much lighter! Giving myself a bit of grace here, I had not packed for a lengthy trip over these past two years. What huge mistakes it was for me to have this unnecessary  burden of unpacking way too many clothes, deciding each day what to select, no more! Additionally, I learned to take more tops and less bottoms which didn’t happen on this past trip. So I ended up wearing the same few tops over and over whether approprriate or not.
  1. Eat better, feel better! At home I am drinking lots of water, limiting my intake of carbs and sugar, eating lean protein 3 meals, and exercising. It is so easy to just say I am on vacation what the heck and indulge, right? Yes, enjoying the fun foods is part of vacation. However, I went overboard daily indulging in  scones, ice cream, pastas, sauces, plus meals that were often a grab and go. And I paid for this big time!

The day after returning home after any trip or at any life stage, I had learned the necessity of taking a day to regroup. But I have never experienced this type of overall physical and emotional and mental fallout.I felt like I was stuck in quicksand with brain fog, major fatigue, zippo energy, total lack of enthusiam for anything, and experienced slight depression. Why was this happening to me? Duh Mitzi, you are in a new lifestage now so get a grip and deal with it by choosing to travel smarter. 

Now I am detoxing from my sugar overload, working on shedding the 5 pounds gained, and doing what I know to do in my daily Healthy Lifestyle for Aging Gracefully. I definitely paid the price for not doing what I knew to do.

Lifestage Lesson Learned; to enjoy travel to the max but acknowledge there are specific and  different needs at this current life stage. To embrace the  Lifesizing® philosophy even in traveling which is to live by CHOICE  not by CHANCE.

Living and Loving Life Together,


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